Angels, with Fulton Sheen

To wind up my recent posts on guardian angels (at least for the time-being), here is Fulton Sheen on the subject of angels. These videos are taken from the series, “Life is Worth Living”. I am providing the links to the three angel videos; the one embedded here is Part II. Towards the end of Part II, Archbishop Sheen says something that I was mentioning in the combox of the previous post, how it is such a shame that we are not more conscious of the angels. But that can change! Start reading more Catholic books about them; pray to them; call on them for help; ask for their guidance everyday. Open up the lines of communication!

Fulton Sheen – Angels (Part II)

Fulton Sheen – Angels (Part I)
Fulton Sheen – Angels (Part III)


8 thoughts on “Angels, with Fulton Sheen

  1. I am amazed by his theory that the Angels rebelled because they couldn’t accept that God would become man and redeem humanity. They couldn’t accept the idea of having to adore a Man-God. Wow!

    What a great orator Sheen was. Sometimes a bit “much”, but certainly better than anything on tv these days!

  2. Indeed, Pia –the Irish dramatic. I wish there were someone like him on tv these days. I remember the family watching him religiously. 🙂 As with Dan’l Boone, David Crockett, Marx Bros., and Bozo (also Irishmen, all), there must’ve been a little signature moment of Abp. Sheen’s that a little kid waited for each week..I think it must’ve been my usual sad or worried family’s genuine laughter. The other clips were good, too, G. Criminy, I know more about angels in 3 days than I’ve ever known. Thank you.

  3. Being more conscious of our angels can serve to remind us of God’s presence in our lives and how he loves us and knows and cares for us as individual children.

  4. Pia, that really struck me too. Something I’ve never heard before; always heard the explanation that it was pride on Lucifer’s part, but no further details than that. Fulton Sheen’s explanation really makes sense to me.

    Carol, I don’t remember the show from when I was little, but when I was in my early twenties and away from home at university, they had re-runs of his show on the local station. I watched it quite often, and enjoyed it very much. There was one episode in particular that struck me so much, I made notes about it (which I still have somewhere). If I ever come across it on YouTube I’ll post it.

    Ann, yes; it’s so comforting just thinking about how each of us has had our beautiful angel all along, as a link between earth and heaven, and how so many other angels and the Archangels are there to help us as well. It’s just amazing.

  5. Pia, thanks, that really was cute! I missed it over at Cathy’s. The one I liked the best was, “Angels talk all the way while they’re flying you up to heaven. The main subject is where you went wrong before you got dead.” Daniel, 9

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