A Hundred Thousand Angels



22 thoughts on “A Hundred Thousand Angels

  1. Lovely, Gabrielle. For today at least I have access to a laptop which means I can listen to things! And such beautiful images too. Like Cathy, I truly believe.

  2. Cathy, they are such treasures! It’s only been recently that I’ve come to understand how much power they have been given by God to help us in so many ways – protection, guidance, healing, intercession, praying – I am trying to keep my guardian angel, the healing angels and all the heavenly hosts as much in my awareness as possible all day, talking to them much more, listening much harder, etc. They hold no grudges! After years of taking them for granted, they are making their help very apparent very quickly, and are also bringing peace and joy.

    Hi Ann; I didn’t know you were having some computer issues. Glad you found an available laptop, and that you enjoyed the video. Aren’t those clouds awesome?

    Owen, no I didn’t, but would you like me to take a crack at it? Alas, it’s not me singing either. I live vicariously through others’ talents. I could sing for you too, but I know you’re recovering from surgery, and I wouldn’t want you to split anything open. 🙂

  3. I sort of had it in for my guardian angel for a good part of my youth, then I ignored him for a long time, but now, looking back I see where the delicate flourish of his wings gave me that feeling that I wasn’t alone, that there was someone looking out for me, who took me by the hand and led me back to where I belong. 🙂

  4. Well, they are with us for spiritual reasons, accompanying our souls rather than our bodies, I’d say, because of what you say Pia, and also because otherwise, one would have to ask why we’ve seen fly-shot babies lying starving to death in their helpless starving moms’ arms.. (which is also why I have a problem with anyone saying whatever happens in one’s day, God planned it, or that He doesn’t give more than one can handle.. one must wonder how many moms [and dads] lost their faith, their hope, and their minds. One wonders if angels are activated by prayer?

  5. Pia, I was just thinking about how close St. Gemma was to her guardian angel; maybe it was through your guardian angel’s request that St. Gemma’s little visit to you came about!

    Carol, personally I believe our guardian angels look out for both our physical and spiritual well-being, and there are multitudes of other angels with other roles. They don’t eradicate evil from the world (although I believe they strive to influence people for the good), since God has given mankind freewill. But the angels can and do provide so much protection, light, love and healing that I believe our world would be a far more dangerous and hostile place to live in if we had to live here without their help. The question of suffering in the world I don’t think can be put upon the angels, just as it can’t be put upon God. Innocent people suffer in our fallen world; they [and we] always have; they [and we] always will, until Jesus returns and puts an end to all that is not in the Divine Will. But yes, we can certainly “activate” the help of the angels through prayer – daily to our guardian angels for protection, guidance, direction, intercession, and for any requests we have – they will take it upon themselves or use the wisdom God has given them to seek out the angels or saints who can best help us. We can pray also to the archangels, and I believe there are vast numbers of angels involved in healing work of every sort, and they are at our disposal if we are working with them in the right way, i.e., knowing and acknowledging that all their power comes from God. So we can ask, ask, ask, throughout the day, until it becomes second nature.

    I was just thinking about where angels are mentioned in the Mass. The first place is in the Penitential Rite: “and I ask…all the angels and saints…to pray for me to the Lord our God”. Then they are mentioned in the Eucharistic Prayer, and I looked up the different Eucharistic Prayers, and it’s kind of interesting to see the difference in each one. No. 1 “…we pray that your angel may take this sacrifice to your altar in heaven”; No. 2 “…And so we join the angels and saints in proclaiming your glory”; No. 4 “Countless hosts of angels stand before you to do your will”. I don’t think it ever struck me until today that it is an angel bringing the Sacrifice to God in heaven! They bring the Sacrifice, they proclaim God’s glory, they do His Will! And not only can we pray to them for help, they pray for us!

  6. I too, believe they look out for our physical and spiritual well being. There are episodes I recall in my childhood, when my abusers were almost “caught red handed” by someone, which could very well have been an inspiration that an angel used to try to stop what was happening. Unfortunately they didn’t tune in well enough to figure it out. And maybe in the end it was best this way, because back in those days, things were very different as far as the approach to trauma, especially with regards to children. In fact I’m convinced that it was better this way because I don’t know if I would have shown as much resiliency if I’d gone through the trauma of being “found out”. So perhaps my angel thought better of it…

  7. As you know, I have spoken with an angel (and it wasn’t mine, it wasn’t son’s, but perhaps it was my mom’s), and she had had many other helps, along with her final one –someone was visible to her in that leaving time; and I myself have had occurrences which cannot be explained by the natural world. It’s not that I don’t believe in them. It’s just that their seeming absence at times is baffling. As we know, the fact is, we have free will which even angels aren’t allowed to breach; hence, there’s a bunch of suffering in this world that needn’t be, yes. That’s why I ask about what might activate angels’ coverage of those who seem to have none. We have, after all, seen the photo of braided and barretted little girls floating by in Katrina’s wake. And little fetuses..does one have an angel from conception onward? I think so. Jesus said woe to those who harm the little ones, for their angels always behold the face of God..

    Did guardian angels come into being only with the Incarnation (i.e., only unto Christians)? What frees an angel to help their charge who doesn’t know of them? And for those who do, as Pia says, how awful to let a child think her angel has let her down! They help bodily at times, yes, but for the soul’s benefit; either that, or some need to be freed to help their unhelped. So often I have asked my angel to speak to another’s angel, to deliver a hug, even to those unknown to me, as I mentally make the Sign of the Cross on someone. Is there something we do with God in our prayer for others that frees their angel unto them more? Or can we only pray for others’ conversion of heart? And isn’t this fallen world redeemed?

    Sometimes when I sign into my “AKindOfHush” account, I accidentally type “AKindOfHuh.” That’s far more true, isn’t it?!

  8. It’s so coincidental, Gabrielle, I was coming here to mention the prayers said at mass, and see you’ve already done so. Really, when you stop and think about it, we are in the presence of angels all the time and during mass they are there – invisibly but certainly present at the altar with the celebrant.

  9. I was recently given a booklet by a friend. It was about the writings of a contemporary mystic from South America. Her mssion is to write the messages she receives about the Mass. She says that during the offertory, our guardian angels leave our sides and go up to the altar, and that when the consecrated host and chalice are raised, all the angels on high and our angels, who are still around the altar, sing praise to the Lord. I don’t know if this is true, though I do know that these writings have the imprimatur of her bishop. I don’t remember the woman’s name, but the image she conveys has stayed with me and I recall it at every Mass.

  10. Pia, I’m sure there have been many times our guardian angels have protected us from danger, or warned us about possible danger to a loved one, without our being aware that they were doing so. When you say, “Unfortunately they [the people who nearly caught your abusers] didn’t tune in well enough to figure it out”, I think this is pretty common. I think the more we start to talk to our guardian angels and pray to them on a daily basis, the clearer the lines of communication become. It doesn’t have to be voices heard or visions seen, but a more acute attention paid to the little whisperings, the intuitions, the nudges, the conscience. In hindsight, you feel that it may have been better in your particular circumstance that things didn’t get brought out into the open right away. I don’t know about that, but if that’s your gut instinct, maybe it was true in your case. Our guardian angel knows us intimately, and indeed, yours may have been protecting you from a further trauma at that stage of your childhood. I wish I could answer the big question, why it happened to you at all, like the kinds of questions Carol is asking, and we all want to know those answers, don’t we. Some day we will. And just imagine your joy when you get to heaven and the Lord says, “thank you, Pia, for forgiving; thank you for all the work you did during your time on earth to help others who suffered like you.” I think you can hear Him saying it even now, can’t you.

  11. Carol, you’ve asked a lot of tough questions. In truth, it’s only been in the last few months that I have become more aware of the angels’ presence and help. But I could try to at least share some thoughts on the questions you’ve raised, based on some of the things I’ve been reading lately (the source of which I will also share with all of you very shortly). For one thing, when you say, “It’s just that their seeming absence at times is baffling”, I agree, it is baffling. We are limited by our finite understanding, and we get so frustrated at what appears to us, from the human viewpoint, as being unjust in terms of the deathtolls re floods, tornadoes, war, and every other horror under the sun. But can we come to terms with this re angels if we haven’t come to terms with this re God? I think we have to come to terms with this re God first, because He is the Supreme Being and in control of all. I don’t think it is humanly possible to bear any of this, without a profound faith and belief that God is in control, that He will make everything right when He decrees the time; with His grace we can acknowledge that we don’t understand, but come to a place where all that truly matters is that He understands, and we are at peace with that and content to wait until He explains everything to us in heaven. I think this has to be much more than just a coping mechanism; we can ask for the grace of His peace, and move with this peace through our days, helping our suffering brothers and sisters as much as we are able.

    How can we “activate angels’ coverage of those who seem to have none”? I think by praying to our own angel about all for whom we are concerned, whether close to us or in the wider world, and asking our angel to carry messages to others’ angels (as you have said you do) and asking them to intercede with the angels of higher orders and with the saints. “Does one have an angel from conception onward?” I believe we have our guardian angel from prior to conception – from all eternity. “Did guardian angels come into being only with the Incarnation (i.e., only unto Christians)?” No. Angels are mentioned in the Old Testament, and in other religions besides the Jewish religion – the Zoroastrian religion, for one example. “What frees an angel to help their charge who doesn’t know of them?” I don’t believe they need any special further freedom to help their charge whether the person is aware of angels or not; they have been given this freedom and assignment by God, and it is their duty to carry it out to the best of their ability; they could or would do nothing else because they are always completely in the Divine Will. They are constrained only by the freewill of the person they are assigned to, or by the freewill of a person assigned to another angel, if this person is following a dark path and inflicting evil upon others. They are always with us, whether we are good or evil or somewhere inbetween, urging us on to holiness. But if it is in the Divine Will that a person’s time on earth is over, then that is the Lord’s decision, and not the angel’s. I can see you’re very concerned about all those who appear to be “unhelped”, but I think we really and truly have to keep in mind that our viewpoint is a human one, and we really have no idea about the details of God’s plan, of what or how He is making use of others’ sufferings for the salvation of souls, etc. There are going to be so many surprises later.

    “And isn’t this fallen world redeemed?” There’s so much in the Catechism about sin, evil, and redemption, isn’t there. Just one example I was looking at, No. 1708: “By his Passion, Christ delivered us from Satan and from sin. He merited for us the new life in the Holy Spirit. His grace restores what sin had damaged in us.” But He just won’t take back His gift of freewill. On the one hand we have to thank Him profoundly for that; on the other hand, we have to live with it, and the suffering it causes.

  12. Ann and Pia, I believe this also, about the angels being present at every Mass, giving honour and glory, singing, praising, worshipping. When you read the Book of Revelations, and think of the ongoing Mass in heaven, with the angels chanting Holy, Holy, Holy eternally, and our Mass is joined to the eternal Mass in heaven…

  13. Whew –a hundred thousand angels, and a hundred thousand answers! Thank you, Gab. When I handed my mom (a new suffering Job) over to Whomever, and it was indeed a total Mystery, I knew I had known not one thing on this earth except love or hate. Any thought of God’s life was sheer faith. From all my questions which culminated in this moment, I was truly afraid I would lose my faith from this moment onward. I asked Him to not let me do that. I was 100% helpless to increase it, or even to maintain what I’d had. Well, you know how God grows a garden. Pia does, too. Abundant, abundant. It’s not just a matter of letting Him be my God, it’s a matter of knowing His reason is Love. It’s always Love.

  14. Amen, guys… Padre Pio had a great rapport with his guardian angel, and his angel did a lot of communicating with his spiritual children’s angels. What a mystery! I used to have a book about the importance of angels in Padre Pio’s life. Don’t recall if I gave it to my mom a while ago, but I’ll try to get some more info and report back.

  15. You know, Gab…when I think about my past, I think God did everything in His time, but in some ways, I think He conceded to my need for time, as well. I don’t consider one minute of my life as having been a waste of time, even the anger or tears or worry and strife, or mistakes or even my sins…everything seems to fit in the right place, even the odd shaped pieces of the puzzle.. Maybe that’s what His peace means, and I am so grateful to feel it in my heart, even when I’m having troubles..even in the emergency room last Sunday morning after Lorenzo had received a blow to the head during his soccer match. Angels, PS, JPII…they were all there with me, in Peace.

  16. Carol, abundant. Funny how just one word, and you can slip away for hours and think about Him.

    Pia, I think that is exactly what His Peace means. And it reminds me again of the ripple effect we talked of in past years, just one tiny ripple being that I experience gratitude for your gratitude, and on and on it goes.

    I hope Lorenzo is doing well; I hope he didn’t have a concussion or anything. So glad you had your “dear ones” with you.

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