Grace Unbound

I can’t even begin to imagine all the news I’ve missed these past few months, but here’s one thing for sure:  our friend at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy has published a book, with photographs taken by her husband, Bill.
“Grace Unbound” can be found here at Blurb.






4 thoughts on “Grace Unbound

  1. So glad to be able to stop by to visit. Glad to have the computer to visit all with. Your are always a pleasure to “see.” Good day to you! And thank you for the information about the book!

  2. oh my, gabrielle, what a surprise and delight it was to pop over here this morning and find your gracious announcement! please know that copies can also be obtained directly from me! (the cost ends up being slightly lower, because i charge less for shipping 🙂 ) thank you for your support!!!

  3. Carol, indeed!!!

    Cathy, glad your computer is working again, and thanks for your kind comment. Both our printers are “busted” at the moment; does it ever end?

    Lucy, my pleasure! And it’s good to know about ordering directly from you. I apologize if the picture of the book is really supposed to be sideways (as it is on the Blurb site), but I wasn’t sure, so I rotated it. 🙂

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