Dotting My Ts and Crossing My Eyes


8 thoughts on “Dotting My Ts and Crossing My Eyes

  1. Owen, I was just thinking about the previous post, re Etty’s diaries. And I just happened to be thinking about it while I was practicing writing with a mouse on the computer. I’m semi-insane…and a little bit back, and thank you. 🙂

    Pia, sad to say, this was created absolutely sober. Pity. It might have been stunning with a glass of wine.

  2. Dreadful, trying to write with a mouse. I’ve tried it, and the results weren’t as good as yours 😉

    As you say, a glass (or two) of wine might be just what you need for fluid, graceful italic writing. (Always supposing it was Italian wine…)

  3. My diaries have fed many generations, now (down at the landfill).

    The handwriting here looks just like mine whenever I have to sign for something electronically. (That has always caused an urge for wine, but I’d thought it was just me!)

  4. Mike, hi! It looks like I just missed you online by a few minutes, unfortunately. I really should have thought of good Italian fluid for fluidity; hindsight… 🙂

    Carol, I think if I had had diaries, I could never just dump them. I would be up all night for weeks using the paper shredder…

    Thanks, Pia. You know why I mentioned insanity? It’s because when I was about fourteen I studied handwriting analysis a little bit, and if I remember correctly, they said that if someone constantly switched from printing to writing and back to printing in one paragraph or on one page, it was a sign of insanity, so I just wanted to make sure you all knew I wasn’t insane (because I know you’ve had your doubts; oh, c’mon, I know you have), I was just trying to see which was easier. Honest.

    Lucy, oh gawd, that made me laugh. Thank you. 🙂

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