Etty Hillesum – The Wrestling Patient

Thank you, Pia, for sharing so much of Etty with us in your “Sunday Mornings with Etty” posts. I hope to see this play someday.

Direct to YouTube for this video is here.


7 thoughts on “Etty Hillesum – The Wrestling Patient

  1. Pia, isn’t this exciting? I just found it, curious as I was to see if there was anything about Etty on YouTube. As amazing as this project looks, I could not help but ponder what you would have brought to it if you had been part of the collaboration.

    Cathy, me too. It renews one’s hope in society, doesn’t it, to have so many amazing professionals from various backgrounds working together on a project such as this. I was very moved to see how Etty’s life affected them all.

  2. Gab, I have to admit that the video really affected me at a deep emotional level…in other words, I cried!

    Last night I was leafing through the book and I found so many entries that I’d missed, which could all be posted, but at that point, I’d be posting the whole book!

  3. I understand that, Pia; after all, you’ve developed a real intimacy with Etty through her writings over the years. For myself, I often think about her path perhaps having crossed that of St. Benedicta of the Cross at Westerbork; two mystics, two women being used greatly by God at the same time.

  4. Thank you for this, Gabriel. Several years ago I read Etty’s diary several times, I was so captivated. Since then I have thought of her occasionally. I am glad to see her writings and her life becoming more well known. She affirms for me that it is the inner relationship that we have with God that gives direction and meaning to our lives.

  5. Beth, it’s wonderful to know that you are familiar with Etty, and I couldn’t agree with your last sentence more. I’ve not read Etty’s diary yet (just passages from Pia’s site), even though Pia and another blogger told me about her a couple of years ago now. I’m going to look for a copy when I return my current books to the library.

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