I'm A Saint (In My Memes)

I’ve been tagged by Cathy of A Bit of the Blarney!  Here’s the question(s) of the day:

“What picture would I use for my holy card should I make it to sainthood, and of what cause(s) would I want to be patroness?”

I didn’t have to think about this one for too long.  If I ever make it to sainthood I would like to be known as:

“Patroness of Lay Contemplatives Languishing in the Workforce”.

Yes, little ones, you may call on me to intercede if:

a)  You would rather stay home and pray than earn money, but your spouse and/or bank manager is not in agreement on this point, and you do, in lucid moments, acknowledge the importance of feeding the children;

b)  Your daily commute finds you consistently failing to disembark at the right stop because you were deep in prayer (despite the multitude of cell-phone conversations going on all around you, none of which, as far as you could ascertain before you “slipped away”, were conversations with God);

c)  You are no longer welcome in staff meetings because your colleagues neither comprehend nor appreciate your morals/ethics/point of view/silence; you now rather enjoy being ostracized because you can actually feel St. John of the Cross slapping you on the back, urging you to put down your calculator and go make coffee for everyone, and make it properly;

d)  You are considered a snob because you have missed every office function for the last fifteen years since they all conflicted with your beloved liturgical calendar;

e)  You skip out at lunch just for Mass but when you emerge from the church it is dark outside and upon making your way back to the office you find everyone has gone home and the door is locked.  Again.

St. Gabrielle

Patroness of Lay Contemplatives
Languishing in the Workforce

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