I Need This Like a Hole in the Head

Something my Mom used to say all the time when I was little; Owen and Pia are familiar with the expression.

As you can see (at least for the time being, and for no apparent reason) my sidebar has slipped away and is replaced by recent posts. The fun just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

I’m going to be trying out a couple of new templates tonight (I’m giving myself a short time limit though, because I have to get up for work in the morning; you know, the place where I’m languishing…). So if it’s a mess every time you stop by, consider this: it’s still less messy than a hole in the head.


14 thoughts on “I Need This Like a Hole in the Head

  1. My mom calls me her “smartapplesauce kid.” In fact she called me that today when I made a quip about her new hair doo (as sent to my by photo in an email).

    I’m filling the whole in my head tonight listening to old stuff – good ol’ Gordy Lightfoot. Sheesh, nostalgia for the seventies is probably something requiring medication. Ha ha. Ah well, it’s making me feel all teen-something again.

    Working up a new version of my art web site. It’s time for a total overhaul and then time to get busy fillin’ it up with art. I’ll let you know when that -, wait….Oooo, gotta go. It’s the Wreck of the E.F. That’s a lights out and headphones only tune. See yah….

  2. My Mom used to say the same thing. She also called us her “little chicken livers” – have no idea why.

    I think your blog is, well, interesting right now. Velly, velly interesting 😉

  3. gabrielle, I would have been calling you at like, 12AM.

    I really did turn the lights out and listen by head phone, well “ear bud” – it was great. There were only a few songs on that best-of that did nothing for me, later eighties stuff with too much synth.

  4. Hey, MY MOM used to say that very same thing! (How DO “sayings” like that get around, anyway? She was probably born & raised a long distance from your mom, I would venture to guess…) Anyway, I use that phrase too, most of my life (more often than you would ever guess).

    Then the day came when Ronnie was acting goofy & playful (well, I guess he wasn’t doing it alone…I was playing along too), and he picked me up, placed me on his shoulder, and began running around the house (please be duly impressed, as this is no small thing….since I am no “small thing”)….he kind of lost track of where I was, in proportion to the walls and doorways of the structure….and he eventually ran MY HEAD into a door jam (no, I am not kidding). I know you already know what is coming next, but I will tell you anyway (we all need a good chuckle now and then…especially when we are dealing with frustrating website problems)…..it hit HARD, and immediately formed a rather large “lump”. After he put me down (very gently)….after he had finished apologizing…..and after my tears had subsided, that is what I said: “I needed THAT like a hole in the head”….after which we both laughed pretty hard, and long. 🙂

    As you may be growing increasingly frustrated with the website/blogsite problems, I thought maybe a little humorous (true) story would lift your spirits! You may be wondering, “did it do any permanent damage?” I’m probably not the best one to ask… 🙂

    If any of your readers and friends are more “computer literate” than I am (which has to be just about anyone), maybe they could offer you some help/suggestions/advice re: why your site is acting like it “has a mind of its own”….

    So far, all I can say, from THIS END of the “communication”, is that Adrienne is right…it DOES make it “interesting”, when I stop in for a visit. 🙂 It’s kind of like a game of “hide and seek”… 🙂

    Praying for you & thinking of you today….


  5. Don’t mind the mess, my mom used to say. She also says that if people only come to see “the house” they really aren’t friends at all. A friend wouldn’t care if the house is “clean” or not. So I’m here to say, makes no difference what your “house” looks like I’ll be here!

  6. My mother used to say that, too, Cathy, and she also used to say, “I needed THAT like I need another hole in the head.” I think the inferred primary hole in the head is the mouth, which causes us enough trouble already. Or maybe ears, since they already take in enough noise for two. I altered the lament to, “I needed that like I needed cholera.”

    And I admire your restraint, Kristin–or what we presume to be that, anyhow. Had some guy run my head into a door, I’d have superglued his toes together that same night. Wow.. I didn’t realize I was so devious until just this moment.

    As for re/arranging blog formats.. lol.. well, I for one hope the Lord won’t ask me why I didn’t choose to pray instead, all those hours…

  7. Owen, if you say “smartapplesauce kid” quickly a few times under your breath it almost sounds like what your mom really means! 🙂 Have fun designing/updating your art site. Embed a little background 70s music and we’ll probably love you forever.

    Adrienne, thanks for popping in. Little chicken livers, eh? I was apparently a “ragamuffin”; another one of my mom’s favourites was, “well, you’ll just have to go out in the backyard and eat worms.” ???
    Was that your Arte Johnson impersonation at the end? 🙂

    Kristin, well that’s what happens to crazy kids in love; madcap, I tell you; madcap. Just be happy Ronnie wasn’t wondering if it did any permanent damage to the door jam (builders are like that, you know). As for the blog, I have put out a “rescue-me email” to our blog administrator, so I’m hoping help will be on the way shortly! I have no clue what happened, but in the grand scheme of things, I really have to put my energies elsewhere (like running out and printing up my saintly holy cards for quick distribution, as Mike of The Mercy Blog suggested on the last post.) 😉

    Cathy, you have a way of always lifting my spirits, and I appreciate you not minding the goings-on here! One of the women at church told us to always keep a Get-Well-Card on the mantle or the coffee table, then when people come over and the house is a mess, they’ll think you have been too sick to get around to it!

    Hush, “I didn’t realize I was so devious until just this moment.” Work on that, will you? You’ve got a Saint meme to do! (oh, and I wasn’t rearranging the blog format; the posts moving into the sidebar just came out of the blue like the new header, so I tried switching templates to see if that would solve the problem but it didn’t, so I switched back again.) Sigh.

  8. Gabrielle, I like my mom’s invention, it’s the best. Embedding music into sites…nope, I’ve been the victim of that too many times to be a perp myself. Hope you can still love me.

  9. I’ve loved worse, Owen; I’ve loved worse…
    I was a “perp” on my Mary blog, before Sonific Songspot went out of business. I figure, if anybody doesn’t like it, they can just hit the “stop” button! (I’ve been known to ride elevators up and down until the end of the song. That’s the kind of person you’re dealing with here.)

  10. It’s just sometimes the “stop” button is hard to find and usually tucked away near the bottom on sites. And then, I stream music online in the studio so not infrequently even music I would otherwise like is an affront to the senses. We all have our ‘things’ that put a whole in our head and that’s one of mine. I like you too much to not visit just because of some tunes though. 🙂

  11. A studio might be over stating it. Our front room that, like me, has experienced a conversion. The blessing is that my family let me get away with it 😉

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