I simply can’t function without music, plus I’ve been a little nostalgic lately.  Thought I’d share some Canadiana with you – like a little Canuck one-a-day vitamin while I’m away from the Haven.

Time for Mercy (Jann Arden)

Bitter Green (Gordon Lightfoot)

Ordinary Miracle (Sarah McLachlan)

Rise Again (The Rankin Family) 

Who by Fire (Leonard Cohen)

Marcie (Joni Mitchell) 

The Lady of Shalott (Loreena McKennitt)

Heart of Gold  (Neil Young)

Pour un instant  (Harmonium) 

The Idiot (Stan Rogers) 

Wondering Where the Lions Are (Bruce Cockburn)

Heart Like a Wheel (Kate and Anna McGarrigle) 

Share the Land (The Guess Who)

Evangéline (Marie-Jo Thério)


21 thoughts on “Sing-a-Long

  1. Wow, this is neat! How’d you do it? Is there one for every day you’ll be gone (I hope for you, yes, but for us, no). Enjoy!

  2. Great idea, Gabrielle–I especially love the one from Gordon Lightfoot and the Lady of Shalott (an especial favourite of mine). Hope you are enjoying your time away with the beautiful weather in Ottawa just now.

    We look forward to the return of your inspiring daily offerings.

  3. Wow! That was so much fun! Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness! You have introduced me to some new artists, and I am enjoying them immensely! 🙂

    Thinking of you,

  4. Pia, I have no set timing; as soon as things are a little bit more back to normal routine, I’ll be back. Re “how’d you do it”, do you mean the size? If so, just embed the video as usual, and change the size in the html code, eg. from 350 x 350 to 50 x 50, or whatever you want.

    Thanks, Erin; those are two of my favourites as well. Gordon Lightfoot’s music brought me much comfort as a child. Yes, it was beautiful weather here today, but I have a summer cold! Ugh!

    Kristin, that’s great, but you were supposed to stagger your vitamins!

  5. To have seen Neil Young presented as a Canadian here, you could’ve knocked me over with a tortiere! I thought he was from out west or maybe Santa Fe. 🙂 I always liked Gordon Lightfoot. He was the one entertainer that all 3 generations could watch and not one of us — my grandmother in her Cuban heels, my mother in her Hush Puppies, nor I in my cork clogs — would fall off the couch in a stupor or horror. These are nice songs — I’ve looked at lyrics, and will listen to some soon. Thank you.

  6. Well not a few of favorite Canadians are shown here and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone else in blogville, especially Catholic blogville note Harmonium. I haven’t heard them since 1999 when most of my albums (yes, the large flat black vinyl things) were destroyed in a basement flood. I loved their music though I couldn’t understand a word of French.

    While I lost those I have, in non vinyl formats, every album created by our man Bruce.

  7. I am so pleased to be able to say that my music collection contains recordings by Ms. McLachlan, Mr. Cochburn, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. McKennitt, Mr. Young, Mr. Cohen and the McGarrigles. Merci!

  8. this will probably date me … how “groovy!” a far better way to take one’s daily!

    here’s a little something to inspire you at ‘half-time!’

  9. Carol, I can understand you thinking that. Neil is Cdn., but I think he spent most of his adult life in the States. Here we would generally knock people over with brooms; tortières are too precious! Re Gordon Lightfoot, my Mom used to always tease me when I was little by calling him Gordie-One-Note. (And then of course, we had to chase each other around the house with brooms.)

    Owen, my Harmonium (and other Fiori/Séguin LPs) have made it through many moves since the late 70s! Sorry yours succumbed to floodwater…

    Terry, since you obviously have excellent taste, I hereby grant you Honorary Cdn. citizenship. I can do that, you know; I have the power. 🙂

    Laure, I wish I had those little helpers. (I notice brooms figure prominently). Did I ever tell you I’m a semi-pro whistler? (In my own mind). Just a note to anyone reading though, comments with links won’t usually get through. They’ll be lost in cyberspace most of the time, and I’ll never see them. Safety issues, don’t you know…

    Ann, some good years, non? And some great music!

  10. I am afraid that you and I must have our love of music in common, Gabrielle (and who says that I need to “stagger my intake” of this wonderful source of energy & vitality?)… I do love my silence when I can secure it for myself), and there are those times when it heals & caresses my spirit….but, I also love music, and the variety is pretty broad. Of the 14 artists you shared with us, 6 are BIG favorites of mine…and 4 I was unfamiliar with (which is about to change). It’s such fun, learning about new music & new artists, whether they are Canadian or American (or Irish or Brazilian or Icelandic). To me, music is a lot like poetry….depending on where one has been in their life, where they now & where they are headed, it can speak to each person in such a unique & personal way…much like poetry does. In fact, if you were to choose just one video/song from this list, and ask each of your on-line friends/readers what it meant to them, I would venture to guess that the answers would vary greatly! (Also, I didn’t realize the “authority” you had, way up there in the Great White North….I am in awe…really!) 🙂 It was so comical to me, when you said that you were a “semi-professional whistler”….I can hardly whistle AT ALL! I remember trying, SO HARD, when I was little (aka: “younger”….I’m not sure that I was EVER “little”), and never “getting it”. My mom could whistle (and SING, beautifully), and my dad could yodel (and SING, beautifully), and I couldn’t do any of those…. 😦

    I remember listening to Gordon Lightfoot in college….over & over & over again…long into the night. Sometimes I’d hit “repeat” on my 8-track (yes, you read that right: an 8-track player), and it would still be playing when I awoke the next morning! (Did you know that he is STILL performing live concerts!) 🙂 I agree with Laurie…this is “groovy”! 🙂

    This was just so kind and generous of you, to give us a musical smorgasboard (sp?) to enjoy, in your absence! It’s also nice just to know that you are thinking of us….as we are also thinking of you. (((hugs)))

    Keep us in your prayers please. There are some big “issues” (aka: “challenges”) going on right now….one of those is my mom’s situation. She called me last night, in tears…
    I appreciate your lifting her up in prayer.

  11. Laure, I think I was born in your decade (?), and I appreciate the sentiment too! [I think you’re all groovy]. But sadly, unlike a couple of decades ago, no one now would ever have to tell me, “slow down, you move too fast…” 😉

    Kristin, I share your feelings about music/poetry, particularly with artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen. I am so grateful that I had much of my “formative years” during the folk music era, and of course many American artists were on my “favourites” list as well. Plus, I was the youngest of four, and so got an early start by totally absorbing what my older siblings were listening to.

    I’m sorry about your Mom. 😦 I will keep you both in prayer this week especially, and I pray the Holy Spirit will help you to find answers/solutions – I know you’re already full of love, so I will pray for clarity, strength and peace…

  12. A wonderful musical library of music for contemplation and reflection. With or without words music can call us to the CENTER. And he is always there. Really beautiful. Thank you!

  13. Cathy, how timely your comment is; I’ve just been reading some very worthwhile writing with regards to being called to our centre, and it is helping me during this little away-time. So thank-you too!

  14. Gabrielle:

    Just dropping by to see if you are “back in the saddle again”….and so that you will know you are in my thoughts & prayers. Thank you, with all my heart, for the prayers & encouragement re: my mom & the challenges she is facing.

    It’s another Monday morning, and I am missing Mondays with Merton….(not to make you feel “badly” about it or anything…I’m just sayin, is all….) 🙂

    BTW, you ARE going to share the info about the book you are reading (referenced in your 08/21/08 comments)…right? 🙂
    (((big hugs)))

  15. I just got around to watching the Evangéline video… and I’m at a loss for words. What a touching story.. and a new story for me.

  16. Well, I wasn’t going to watch Evangeline, not only because it is a heart-wrenching love story —

    All was ended now, the hope, and the fear, and the sorrow,
    All the aching of heart, the restless, unsatisfied longing,
    All the dull, deep pain, and constant anguish of patience!
    And, as she pressed once more the lifeless head to her bosom,
    Meekly she bowed her own, and murmured, “Father, I thank thee!”

    (Google “Evangeline” then click on the Gutenberg Project link to read the entire poem in many a format)

    but because it reminds me of my Nova Scotian/Micmac mother. Not only was her entire English year to be graded on this poem once (here in America), which horrified her unpoetic self, but she occasionally employed a phrase that probably was quite Americanized — whenever someone had asked of her something that seemed an outrage, she would respond, “He/she can kiss my royal Acadian arse!”

    And then she’d make big eyes and cover her mouth as if she had no idea she was going to say that.

    So, both a “thank you” and a “darn it” from me, on this video.

  17. Kristin, yes, I will certainly share, although you have probably already read it – I think I’m coming late to it.

    Pia, I know; very moving, and I just love Marie-Jo’s voice.

    C, I actually thought of you when I posted it, knowing of your Acadian family links. I suppose the best-known version for us here has always been Wadsworth’s, but I certainly wouldn’t want to have to memorize it (approx. 46 pages).

  18. Ha, ha, I kind of forgot poor “Wadsworth’s” first and last names, didn’t I. That would be Wadsworth as in Henry…Longfellow. Gosh, I need some sleep. 🙂

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