Lead Me

I cannot dance, O Lord,
Unless You lead me,
If You wish me to leap joyfully,
Let me see You dance and sing –

Then I will leap into Love –
And from Love into Knowledge,
And from Knowledge into the Harvest,
That sweetest Fruit beyond human sense.

There I will stay with You, whirling.

[Mechthild of Magdeburg]ย 


5 thoughts on “Lead Me

  1. how incredibly soulful, vibrant, lovely & stirring to my spirit. thank you for sharing this, gabrielle. tell me more about the source of this poem, please.


    P.S. this one didn’t need a video and/or music included in the post…somehow, there is music rising up in my soul at this very moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kristin, it is from Mechthild of Magdeburg’s, “The Flowing Light of the Godhead”. You can find this portion online at Poet Seers or Poetry Chaikhana, although in a slightly different translation. I’m glad it stirred your spirit, my little dervish. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just be careful with that ankle. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. It’s easy to imagine Him a graceful, mirthful Lord, for when was He ever not exactly that? But I, whirl? I’d need some decent ankle-straps, first–I’m Godzilla in work sneaks. It’s funny, tho’ — a few years ago when a direly suffering friend was now dying much too early and nearly 100% unhappily, I sent her an e-page about how He was coming to dance with her.. I thought of it again with all the old ladies who were dying. I could so easily picture Him rising from within and lifting them in a “Talitha cumi” dance, and whirling them out of this crazy place. Maybe that answers what I ponder below?:

    “from Knowledge into the Harvest” — I’d first thought she’d meant into the world (while not of it), but she then goes on to call it a sweet Fruit.

  4. lovely. thank you so much for sharing this. i always love the images of dancing and swirling, arms wide open to God and the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Carol, this is the translation from the “Poet Seers” site:

    I cannot dance, Lord, unless you lead me.
    If you want me to leap with abandon,
    You must intone the song.
    Then I shall leap into love,
    From love into knowledge,
    From knowledge into enjoyment,
    And from enjoyment beyond all human sensations.
    There I want to remain, yet want also to circle higher still.

    We can see that much depends on the translation…and which is more correct, I cannot say…

    My own feeling is that she may be talking about contemplation, from the beginnings of infused contemplation into a mystical direct experience of God with sensory consolations, but that she desires to go beyond these consolations to the heights of contemplation. I don’t have “The Flowing Light of the Godhead”, but I would really love to read it in its entirety.

    Lucy, I love those images too! Receptivity and wild abandon, but with grace, when God is in charge of the whirlwind/vortex…

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