What Canada Needs


The prayer I am posting here is taken from a little yellow booklet entitled, “Prayers and Hymns in Honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Crusade of Prayer for Victory and Peace”, published in 1943 by an Ottawa newspaper, Le Droit.  On the inside of the front page we see: 

Nihil obstat:
R. Limoges, ptre., censor liborum, Ottavae, die 24 Aprilis 1943.

J.H. Chartrand, Vic. Gen., Ottavae, die 26 Aprilis 1943.

The booklet itself is actually dated July 4, 1943 (which I did not verify, but am presuming was the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that year).  This is all the information I have.  I googled the title, as well as the specific prayer I’m using in this post, but to no avail. The booklet came into my possession through either my mother or father, both of whom are deceased; I have many of their old Catholic missals, prayer books, holy cards, booklets, pamphlets, etc. 

It is entirely possible that I am the only person in Canada who still has a copy of this booklet.  For all I know, I may also be the only person in Canada who has even seen this prayer since World War II.  But since the Morgentaler debacle which I outlined in my previous post, I want to ensure I will not be lying on my deathbed still being the only one who knows of its existence and its importance.

So any Canadians reading here, please take this prayer.  Pray it.  Blog it.  Distribute it.  Get it into your parishes; give it to your priests; mail it to your bishops and archbishops.  Do you see that word “crusade” in the booklet’s title?  Let’s begin one, together.

National Consecration of Canada to the Sacred Heart:

“O Divine Saviour, Who, to console the sorrows of Thy Church and to heal the ills of society, hast deigned to reveal with radiant clearness the immense goodness of Thy Sacred Heart; O glorious Leader of the army of Thine elect, Thou Who hast made of Thy Heart the symbol and channel of Thy Love, the banner and pledge of our victory; O Christ, Who lovest Canada and Who hast chosen it to be the centre from which this devotion has spread throughout the New World, deign to accept the prayers of Thy servants who desire to respond to Thy invitation and to merit for our country the fulfilment of Thy merciful promises.

We consecrate ourselves entirely to Thy divine Heart; we offer Thee the homage of our souls and bodies, all that we are and all that we possess. We know that we are already Thine, O Jesus, because we have nothing for which we are not indebted to Thy Love. But we wish henceforth to belong to Thee in a special manner, to submit ourselves unreservedly to Thy reign, to keep our eyes constantly fixed on Thy Heart that we may imitate Its virtues, make Its wishes the rule of our private and public life, and use all our influence for the triumph of Its divine interests. May the blame be not ours, O Jesus, if in the future Thou shalt not reign by Thy love in our families, our cities, and throughout the whole nation.

O Mary, sweet Mother of Jesus, O Queen of Canada, thou who alone dost perfectly and worthily know and honour the Heart of thy Son, help us to put into practise with a boundless and unshakeable constancy this consecration which we now make. Do thou offer us to Him; dedicate to Him this country which has been thine since its discovery, and make of it, under the influence of the Heart of Jesus, the right arm of the Church and the instrument of His great works of love. Amen.”


5 thoughts on “What Canada Needs

  1. It would seem that the Holy Spirit not only knew this day was coming.. but that He supplied you for it, knowing you could not toss out your folks’ prayer booklets.

  2. Thanks for stopping in, C and Aeternus. Yes, we truly need to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as a nation in these matters, because as Ann said in a comment on the previous post, power has gone to peoples’ heads, and unfortunately in this situation and many others recently, the power is in the hands of a few, and referendums are out of the question because the results won’t be to “their” liking.

  3. Dear Gabriel,
    Thank you for your wonderful blog. You have helped me.
    I’m in love with Jesus. I write many poems (over 300) about Him and His friends. About 40 are about the Eucharist, the Sacred Heart in some way. Here’s one. I see the pictures don’t come thru which is too bad. (they’re important)
    Best, Karl


    Saturday, 07-18-09, 10:30 AM, During meditation

    Is it possible,

    the arms of Jesus
    can hold to his side
    a babe as tranquil as Mary’s own
    to nurse on His blood?
    John 6:35: He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.
    John 13:23: Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.

    Will not blood be
    His thirst insatial
    to fill mine palatial,
    ours exponential?

  4. Karl, thank you so much for visiting and also for your kind comments. That is a very beautiful poem. Have you ever considered sharing your poetry (with the accompanying pictures) on a blog of your own? If you do so in the future, please let us know your url, so we can come and visit!

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