Perpetual Beauty

During this period leading up to the Feastday of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, I will be making the novena I posted about last year here and here, in which different aspects of Our Lady’s beautiful Icon are meditated upon each day.  To all those who are making a novena at this time, may you be filled with trust and confidence in Mary’s love and solicitude for all her children. 

I also wanted to share with you today a beautiful video I just discovered.  It is of etched-glass windows at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Foremost, Alberta, Canada.  The windows were created by Mary Mehlen, and there is one representing each of the Seven Sacraments, as well as one in honour of Mary and another in tribute to all who minister.  Many thanks to the YouTube channel allsaintsparish for providing this beautiful footage for all to enjoy. 


5 thoughts on “Perpetual Beauty

  1. I will be printing out the “here” and the “here”, and indeed, those window etchings are phenomenally beautiful. Other than the lion within a glass cube that son brought back from the mideast when he was here, I have but one glass etching.. on a small thick slab is St. Joseph who holds a lily in full bloom (with three unopened buds) in one hand while standing beside his workbench; his other arm is around his chubby toddler, Jesus, securely holding Him as He is seated upon the workbench, holding a small cross.

  2. Aren’t they exquisite? I wonder what they look like at various hours of the day with the sun shining through? I guess I’ll just have to “make a trip to Foremost and see them up close”!

    I have only one etched-glass piece; it’s a smallish Christmas candle-holder son gave me. The etched design is of a pointsettia, and it looks so beautiful with the candle glowing.

  3. I liked them all but particularly the matrimony one – and the confirmation one. When you think of the amount of research and preparation that must be gone into just to produce one section of etching, it is glorious indeed to be able to vies so many at one time.

  4. I was thinking about that too, Ann, when I saw them. I can’t even imagine the extent of the painstaking work involved, although a work filled with joy I’m sure!

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