Our Lady, from India with Love

Recently I received a comment on my February 2008 post for the Feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It was from Mr. Kamalakar Rao Ponnapalli, inviting us to watch the trailer of his movie entitled, “Our Lady of Lourdes”, of which he is writer and producer.  There has also been a website set up here, where you can see some posters and pictures from the movie. 

I googled Mr. Ponnapalli’s name, to see if I could find out more about the movie, and to make sure I had as much correct information as I could before I posted this.  I happened upon a comment which he had left in an online forum, wherein he mentioned that during the production of this movie he had witnessed several of what he believes to be miracles, and that this labour of love came about because he had been inspired by Mother Mary. 

I asked Mr. Ponnapalli if he might share with us a little bit about his experience of witnessing these miracles, as well as how Mother Mary has impacted his life as a Hindu.  He has graciously agreed to provide me with some information, which I will be posting over at “Consecrated to Mary” when the time comes. 

Congratulations in bringing this beautiful movie to fruition, Mr. Ponnapalli; I wish you much success with its distribution, and may many blessings and graces pour down on you through Our Lady for your fine work and perseverence.   


3 thoughts on “Our Lady, from India with Love

  1. This is a must see!
    Thanks for sharing this info. What beautiful music and photog.
    The star of the movie playing St Bern. reminds me of that gal in the Whalerider who also played the Bl.Virgin Mary in the Nativity.
    Same open, warm welcoming smile.
    I look forward to this film in the Winter.

  2. It looks very beautiful to me as well, and I am so intrigued that Mr. Ponnapalli, as a Hindu, was drawn to spending (I think I’m correct) a good ten years in the production of it. Hope to have more details on that soon.

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