Reader Survey

Yes, a survey.  Well of course you can trust me.  Apart from the fact that they will be on the Internet, all responses will be kept confidential (basically because I can’t remember anything anymore).

I don’t wish to appear as if I’m poking my nose, sunglasses and magnifying glass into your business, but as of today, fifty people have downloaded Part One of Father Thomas Dubay’s 13-part podcast on contemplation from my fileshare link that I posted in January 2008. 

For Parts Two to Thirteen, there have been anywhere from eighteen to thirty-two downloads.

So I was wondering if “said downloaders” would be interested in discussing them one by one here at the Haven.  If so, we could perhaps do one a week over the course of the summer (some may require more than one post – we’d have to see how it goes).

If there are a fair number of “yes” responses in the combox here (you don’t have to leave your real given name unless you want to, but I look forward to a little imagination in the pseudonyms, please; perhaps Matilda, or Hortense, or Guillaume), then I would be happy to go ahead with this endeavor.  If no one responds, I may do it anyway, just because, well…just because.  I have my reasons, and you’ll never get them out of me.  (Basically because I can’t remember anything anymore).  I think I already said that.  


7 thoughts on “Reader Survey

  1. Hi Gab!
    Heavy Duty!
    Surprisingly, and frankly, I would not be up for this since I get so much of this formally and systematically on a regular basis.

    Rather, I look to the blogs for a variety of topics within the contemplative ‘sphere’.

    I will be visiting, of course, but would prefer other than the Series of Dubay talks.

    (you asked, m’ dear !!!)

  2. I’d give you 50,000 to do this. (Calories–every blessed one of them chocolate.) We may have earth, rain and sun; seed and even sprout; but we don’t fuss with ourselves– discussion is the fussin’ that flowers some into petals. (If nothing else, it might save at least one of us from going to heck.)

  3. Hi Gab
    really would love to hear from you I have a lot to tell you could you email me I have lost your email address and need you to contact me so much to tell you and ask for some advice love Joanne xxxx

  4. Gabrielle, I don’t know whether this will be helpful or not, but on a purely personal level , when presented with a choice of medium – i.e. listening or reading, I opt for reading every time – and have to declare I’m not one of the fifty – I always knew I was odd! I don’t know what your reasons are, but being mindful that we are all guided by the Spirit if we are open to His promptings, I’ll be happy to support you in this initiative if you feel strongly enough about it.

  5. Ann, I’m the same way –I’d much rather read something than listen or view, and tho’ I’m part of the 50, I’m not of the 16 – but I gave up on myself and have gone out and bought Fr. Dubay’s most crucial book! Listening or viewing means sitting still (for a whole half hour!) and that always seems a luxury these days, or it irritates others (I don’t have an iPod or mp3 player–yet) and/or maybe also it’s of my lack of self-discipline. But the discussion is such a flowerer –how often we get a whole new insight from something by hearing from others on it; we so marvel and rejoice over that gift. It’s like being in the early days of the Church. It’s like being in a little side garden of Heaven.

  6. Thanks for your input, friends; much appreciated! Since the people who are downloading aren’t responding, I’ll assume they are okay! We’ll see down the road.

    Hi, Joanne. Will be in touch shortly!

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