Tree of Life

Peter, Paul and Mary: All My Trials

Prayer for All People
O Lord, we bring before You
the distress and dangers of
peoples and nations, the pleas of
the imprisoned and the captive,
the sorrows of the grief-stricken,
the needs of the refugees,
the impotence of the weak,
the weariness of the despondent, and the
weaknesses of the aging.
O Lord, stay close to all of them.

Prayer for the Hungry
Lord Jesus Christ, You urged
us to give You food in Your hunger
which is visible to us in the starving faces
of other human beings.
Let me realize that there are millions of persons – children of
the same God and our brothers and sisters – who are dying
of hunger although they do not deserve to do so.
Do no allow me to remain indifferent to their crying need,
or to soothe my conscience with the thought that I cannot
do anything about this evil. Help me to do something – no matter
how small – to alleviate their heart-rending want. Also let me
pray regularly that these poor starving people will be rewarded
for this terrible suffering they are enduring, and be relieved
of it as soon as possible.

[From:  Catholic Book of Prayers]


6 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. Gabrielle, these prayers are stunning and the needed jolt to get me out of “self” centeredness today. My perspective needed a good talking to so thanks!

  2. Yes, me too. It is overwhelming, but it’s true, everything counts. The Lord still multiplies loaves of bread, and fish. Imagine a few loaves, a couple fish, and then 12 baskets of fragments after thousands of men (which isn’t counting women and children) were fed.. and more than once.

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