St. Teresa of Avila Mini-Series on EWTN

From my inbox, re WINGS (EWTN’s Weekly Electronic Newsletter):

“Also, in our saint lineup this month, comes EWTN’s extraordinary series on St. Teresa of Avila. You can enjoy the entire eight-part mini-series by tuning in 10 p.m. to 12 [midnight] ET from Wednesday, May 28 through Saturday, May 31. Dates and times for international showings are available at EWTN.”

How splendid!


4 thoughts on “St. Teresa of Avila Mini-Series on EWTN

  1. It is a WONDERFUL series.
    For several years it was not repeated and people were making copies of the series on their tv’s.
    FINALLY Ignatius Press came out with it this year. Needless to say I just HAD to splurge, although, for 8 hours of viewing it is a very inexpensive price.
    Only 1 thing…subtitles. But beautifully done and wonderful portrayal of St Teresa and the living conditions of the day.

  2. teresa, thanks for this input. I haven’t seen the series, so I’m looking forward to seeing as much of it as I can (I watch over the Internet). Thanks for sharing your “review” here – I appreciate it!

  3. Well, it’s just now over (first two segments). Oh my goodness. As I’ve said here before, this was the woman who saved my sanity a good number of years ago. Tonight she was so real to me, my heart was literally pounding. And still is.

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