Sacred Heart Reflections – 3

“St. Gertrude was the herald of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – that sacred cult which has become so dear and which has proved a fountain of consolation and graces to millions of Christians.  Our Divine Savior repeatedly disclosed to her His Divine Heart, the furnace of love, as though for her sake He could not await the time decreed by His eternal wisdom for the revelations of His Heart.  Devotion to the Sacred Heart was the special characteristic of St. Gertrude’s piety.  The mystery of mercy and love contained in that Divine Heart had been revealed to her by the Son of God Himself four centuries before it became an object of special devotion to the Church at large.  St. Mechtilde, a contemporary of St. Gertrude, and also a Benedictine, shared with St. Gertrude this glorious privilege.  Thus the Heart of Jesus had long been an object of adoration and love to the sons and daughters of St. Benedict when, in the 17th century, it pleased God to procure for It, through St. Margaret Mary, that more solemn worship with which It is now surrounded.” 

[Saint Gertrude the Great.  The Herald of Divine Love] pgs. 3-4 


4 thoughts on “Sacred Heart Reflections – 3

  1. Yes, and He them! We can find out quite a bit about St. Mechtilde in the Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude, but I would like to read even more about her too. It’s just amazing to realize that they were together at this time, experiencing these mystical revelations from the Lord.

  2. Hi, Holly. I first put this picture up on the blog back in 2007, but I can’t find any notations in my little journal as to where exactly I found it. I’m sorry, but I don’t know the artist either. 😦

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