Sacred Heart Reflections – 1

From now until the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I would like to have a quiet, prayerful time here at the Haven.  I will be posting a few reflections on the Sacred Heart, which I hope will help in preparing our own hearts for that very special day.  Please consider it a little bit of retreat time; silence in the combox is just fine.

For anyone who is making the novena, Ann, of Poetry, Prayer and Praise posted a lovely, short novena prayer yesterday, and Aeternus has posted the full nine-days. If you are undecided, had not even thought about it, or have never made a novena, why not consider this a little nudge?  Go ahead.  Choose one.  Print it.  Pray it.  Spend some time in reflection, and visit the Blessed Sacrament if possible.

“Consider that the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ was no sooner formed in the womb of the Blessed Virgin than It was inflamed with an immense love for all men; but, as it is the property of love to wish to be always with those loved, a life of thirty-three years appeared to Him too short to satisfy the ardent desire which He had to be always with us…

Why does He return every day to this earth invisibly, if it is not because He cannot separate Himself from men and because His delights are to be with them?  Could we have ever imagined that Jesus Christ would love us to this excess?…

This desire must be very violent when it can continue to exist in Heaven, where all desires are satisfied.”

[The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by Fr. John Croiset, S.J.] pgs. 258-259 


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