Cyclical Events

(it takes about 30 seconds to start)

And if you want to know why Owen (yes, he’s back, with a new blog!) will be riding his bicycle this coming August, just head on over here and find out all about the Ontario “Cycling for Children” fundraising bicycle tour.  Be sure to scroll down to see how dashing he looks in his Canadian t-shirt.

But Onionboy, 180 kilometres?  Better you than me! (Better anyone than me.  I don’t want to say I’m unbalanced, but…)

Good luck, eh?  I’ll be thinking of you training as I’m sitting on the back step swatting mosquitoes away from my ice-tea.


7 thoughts on “Cyclical Events

  1. Owen.
    I’ve been futzing about how to say it to myself, and you said it for me in your interview, “Internet dinosaur.” Yeh-heh-heh-hess! Thank you!

    And the greatest blessings on your bike ride for The Kids.
    God love you.

  2. What a wonderful cause, and God bless you, Owen, for your participation in that cause! May the “ripple effects” of your act of love go on and on….

    As for the comment made by Gabrielle, concerning being “unbalanced”….I had to smile, as it caused me to think about my own situation (on the crutches and all…) with regard to “balance”….but then, I started thinking about the spiritual and philosophical question of “balance”….and how seeking union with God makes ALL the difference in seeking for that elusive condition….

    Gabrielle, it’s too late to claim that you are “unbalanced”, when you look at your post from April 2006:
    “Contemplation. Resting in God, and returning to the world a little more balanced, a little more energetic, with greater generosity of spirit and more capable of love, because we have been in union, if ever so briefly, with Him.”

    Do you recall writing these profound and insightful words, over 2 yrs ago now? BTW, I couldn’t agree with you more…. 🙂

  3. Carol, I had to go back to Owen’s site to read about the “dinosaur” bit; I missed it the first time around! Couldn’t agree more!

    Kristin, Chalice is really a great and trustworthy organization. We have sponsored a little one through Chalice for a couple of years now, and they do wonderful, caring work.

    I do recall writing that, now that I see it. I’ll tell you something funny [ha ha or bizarre, I’m not sure]. The other day I googled something that I really, really want to learn more about, and I arrived at my own blog. Sheesh. So I said to myself, self, …

  4. ROFL! I’ve sat here nodding along with someone in a combox now and then, thinking, yeah –that’s just the way I feel, too!.. Whatever you do, don’t call it bizarre.

    And my good golly, is that Ms. KRISTIN we see?? Welcome BACK!! Oh, I hope you’re doin’ alright, but for sure, it is some good to see you! Praise God.

  5. As for balance, K, I just read a Jesuit quoting of theologian Karl Barth on what is good balance, if we are planted in the world: to have a Bible in one hand and a NY Times in the other. If we have the Bible, we will deal well with the world we see in the Times. And because we do have the world to deal with, we won’t get so deeply into the Kingdom that we bear no thought and thus no compassion for the world. I’m not explaining it well, but it made great sense to someone stuck in a rather spooky world.

  6. My favourite line ‘I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle.” Amen, dude.

    P.S. Sorry it took so long to get around to seeing this post since you were giving me and more importantly the Tour such a nice plug.

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