Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima

Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima for Peace
“O Mary, Mother of God and Queen of Peace, you appeared to the children of Fatima at a time of great unrest and turmoil in the world. You asked then that the world pray for peace, so that the Reign of God may be known in every land.

Our world today continues to be mired in the vicious and fruitless cycle of hatred, violence and war. Your message of peace to the children of Fatima is needed as urgently today as it was when you first delivered it.

Grant us, Mary, that peace which is so much more than the mere absence of war. Grant us God’s peace, so that we might see every man and woman as a brother or a sister, as fellow creatures of the one God. Help us to build a world of justice, which is the only sure foundation of peace. And bring us all one day into the fullness of union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in eternity. This we ask through Christ, your Son and our Lord, the Prince of Peace. Amen.”

Taken from:  Our Lady of Fatima, with Prayers and Devotions (from the Florentine Series of booklets on the Lives of the Saints)


7 thoughts on “Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima

  1. Amen, and amen.

    She never gives up, does she?

    A blessed Fatima Day is wished to all who see this.

    (And thank you for the explanation in the other post, G.)

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  3. Mary has very clearly indicated to the world the means by which to bring about peace. The same could be said of her words as are said of those of her Son:
    O that today you would listen to His voice
    Harden not your hearts.
    What a beautiful excerpt you have chosen, Gabrielle.

  4. As I read this beautiful prayer, I flashed back to the Merton post I had done on Christmas Eve, in remembrance of the troops:

    “…the best reason for loving peace is not that war is horrible. A nation that loves peace because war is degrading, disgusting, unpleasant, brutalizing, filthy, etc. will get in plenty of trouble. No matter how horrible anything is there has to be a better reason, than its horribleness, for our hating it.”

    The prayer to Our Lady of Fatima for peace is another reminder, isn’t it, that true peace is God’s peace, coming from a foundation of love for our brothers and sisters, from a conversion of hearts (as Ann also reminds us – harden not your hearts).

  5. I was catching up and I read a lot in your last few posts that captured my attention.

    Regarding Fatima, I always thought it was interesting that Sr. Lucia and John Paul II died within weeks of each other. And I really do get the “peace for the sake of peace and not to avoid the horror of war” theme.

    I love Merton’s imagery of the “supreme graces of solitude and society” coinciding.

    If I opened a book and found a note that had my name and that message on it I would have been ecstatic. A love note from heaven.

  6. Hi, Terry; thanks for stopping in. It is an interesting fact about the timing of Sr. Lucia’s and JPII’s deaths, isn’t it. I only found out about that recently. They had such a close spiritual connection during their lives, brought together by Our Lady of Fatima, and I suppose by the famous third secret…

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