Giving and Receiving

I was recently contacted by a young man who has discerned a call to the priesthood, and who would like to share his story with all of you.  Neven Pesa has been accepted to the Order of Basilian Salvatorian Fathers in Massachussets, U.S.A., a semi-contemplative order of Catholics of the Eastern Rite.  Neven currently belongs to the Byzantine Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary in Brooklyn, New York. His personal story was recently featured on the site Catholic Exchange, and you can also read more about Neven’s background/calling at his personal site, A Priestly Vocation

In order to start his Novitiate in September 2008 he is required to be debt-free, and after a four-year course of study at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, this will be no small task.  Neven is working two jobs towards this end, but God has blessed him, and in turn ourselves, with yet another means of achieving his goal. 

Neven is a singer/songwriter who records under the name of Shekinah Hosanna; his first CD is available at CD Baby, where you can listen to samples of his tracks.  He hopes to have another CD available by this fall, on which he will have the “Hail Mary” in Hebrew as well as another Marian song.  Neven has a beautiful voice and is a gifted lyricist.  He has also set up a YouTube Channel called ShekinahHosanna in order to let people become aware of his music.  Here is one of Neven’s original songs, “Dear God“, which he has set to scenes from the movie “Bella”.  Above all, Neven has asked for our prayers, so please consider supporting him in this way as well as by bringing his beautiful music into your lives.  His music is a gift to all of us, as will be his future priesthood.

[Edited to add:  Please visit my post of today at Consecrated to Mary for another beautiful song by Neven as well as a glimpse into the role Mother Mary has played in his life.]


5 thoughts on “Giving and Receiving

  1. Today is a day when the powerful touch of the Holy Spirit is reverberating throughout the blogosphere, yes?! Thank you for sharing this with your readers, Gabrielle. Many, many thanks!

  2. Pia, a powerful combination, isn’t it? I can envision Neven writing and performing the soundtracks for Catholic movies (which I’m sure some of you out there will soon be writing/directing/producing)??? I remember Terry once telling us it was his “dream” to do that.

    Laure, I’ve only visited you so far today, but I certainly found the Holy Spirit there!

    C.O., thank you for your prayers. I know Neven will appreciate them.

  3. I’ve never seen the movie ‘Bella’ goodness, istening to Neven’s beautiful music and watching those scenes had the tears rolling in no time at all!

    Beautiful…Neven will be in my prayers.

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