Tempus Fugit

Today is my two-year blogging anniversary at Contemplative Haven.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford a party this year.  Oh, we had a grand time at my sixth-month anniversary, didn’t we? (I held it at six months because I didn’t know if I’d last a year…)  Brother Lesser, who had left many excited comments on previous posts in anticipation of the party never showed up until the next morning; Pia (forget me not), whom we were all expecting, had to deal with a very serious emergency with her son – he had a soccer eye-injury, which we didn’t find out about until the next day; Owen crawled in late, exhausted from teaching RCIA; and I had to physically go and get Kathryn Therese, who had a great time once she found out there actually was a party.  Just to let you know, if you read the old comments (which looks like one big comment, because I had to cut-and-paste them from the old blog), Honora is actually Carol, and ccheryl is actually teresa_anawim.

To all of my “old” friends, as well as to so many new ones I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since then, thank you for making this such a worthwhile experience; and I would just like to say:


21 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

  1. Sticking together and seeing it through….well done, Gabrielle. Two years is a great milestone for someone who anticipated six months!!

  2. (Every time I see “Tempus Fugit,” I gasp… It was my first husband’s name.)

    Wow.. it’s been a year and a half since that 6-month mark?? Tempus fugit and a half!

    Aw, we need another party! We need to get Kristin and a few more in there, eh?

    🙂 Congrats, G.

  3. I was just firing up the barbecue, and I thought I stop by. It’s a perfect day about 89 degrees and sunny. I have the beer iced down right now. Kids are playing in the yard. Yep nice day. Perfect as a matter of fact. Did I mention it was 89 degrees and Sunny? Well the que is waiting, gotta go.

    Happy Anniversary

  4. Had to stop by the computer on the way to get some sun screen. How do you want your steak, Gab? Can I get you something to drink?

  5. Well, JT, I thought you’d never ask. Medium to well-done please. (Gasp, but yes). And a glass of dry, white wine, please. I never drink American beer. 🙂

    Actually, it was a beautiful day here too. The snow has melted amazingly quickly (we spread it around a bit to help), the cardinals were singing their little hearts out, and I sat outside to read a magazine article, trying not to notice the hole in the back screendoor. I wish they made decorative duct tape.

    Carol, you are too funny. I think you missed your calling as a stand-up comic.

    Ann, thank you. I only stayed because of the wayward souls who keep helping me. And offering me steak. 🙂

  6. Fantastic idea. Should we tell her, or just show up? I’m kind of leaning towards just arriving on her doorstep. That way, when we see the expression on her face, we’ll know whether she really loves us or not.

  7. ROFL! Oh, I dunno… if we had surprised my friend Maria in Ontario, she’d have served us pool-water with greens, and we’d have believed it was to cleanse the palate. She needed much advance notice, so as to wallpaper her neighbors’ homes, too, in case we looked out her windows.
    I missed a lot of callings, but one can also be a sit-down comic, I hope. JT’s the funny one, tho’ — something tells me he gets shoved a lot while hearing, “Oh, YOU!” Poor Pia — she has cooked enough these past few months, I think. All come on over here instead. I’ll make my special: bagels.
    Seriously, sometimes I think of us all meeting beyond this life and saying things like, “Omg, so you’rrrrre Fancy Ann of Belfast! Awesome!” Or, “Pia and I will be in the goldfish pond if anyone wants us.”

  8. Oh, and.. have you ever sewed your door/window screen holes with needle and thread? It keeps the bees and mosquitoes out, and one can’t notice the repair until one is very close to it – one can match the screen color fairly well. I had holes in all our screens once, due to teens forgetting their house key. (Yep, they came in through the windows. They still do, actually–just force of habit.) I’ve also been known to patch a hole with an odd remedy in an emergency, say, when there are hornets trying to return to their nest just inside a little child’s window. It really frightened my husband to happen upon it one day, but a) he wasn’t here at the time, and b) he could’ve fixed it well before hornet-homemaking time. Fortunately, any toothpaste will do– which also works well enough in place of spackle, if it has to. (I can’t abide holes, either. It breaks the continuity, yes?)

  9. Hi guys..I was laughing so hard, I commented at the linked post instead of here…I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who did that!

    I was laughing so much last night, my husband got worried and even got up off the sofa to come see what had me in stitches…I told him not to worry, he wouldn’t have understood… I’ll tell ya, it’s wonderful to laugh like that…it helps one look redeemed. 🙂

    Btw, you can all come over, but just remember…my dog is not very friendly, so you have to knock on the side door.

    A Nigerian street vendor came by a few days ago, selling socks and underwear. Luckily I was just closing the gate when he stepped up. The dog of course was threatening him very…vociferously. This is the guy who had such a sad look in his eyes when he first came by a few weeks ago, that I cried when he left after buying a pack of perfectly useless socks from him. This time he smiled, but he said “you’re dog is WICKED”. That’s an expression I wouldn’t have used to describe him, but it’s appropriate! These vendors speak very proper English (most have degrees) and one guy told me he didn’t want to bamboozle me when I asked him if the gadget I was going to buy was really worth five euros.
    So friends, all this to say I wouldn’t want to bamboozle you about my wicked dog….the side door, yes. No need to call ahead of time. My house is my house, dirty windows and all. 🙂

  10. I’m glad I came back here today to catch up – you’re all really funny between bamboozling and dirty windows and holy screens and steaks and wicked dogs and side doors and sit down comediennes!

  11. P.S. Just today I was listening to a very old Miles Davis recording, Birdland 1951, with a song called, yes you guessed it, “Tempus Fugit”

  12. What a great name.. I hope there’s a St. Miles Davis in our calendar. 1951.. huh, that’s the year my mom was born.

    Pia, I recall thinking (moments ago) that I hoped those weren’t used socks or.. (Man! Italy gets all the fun vendors. We get a Good Humor truck trawling by, playing ragtime music from The Sting.. $2. for an elderly ice pop? Indeed, the music is appropriate!) Well, it’s wonderful that you don’t need advance notice, but I think your dog does!

    I used to love dogs; then, I got one. My cousin has a funny dog story. Actually, it’s frightening. Her enormous black German Shepherd decided, since he outsized her, that he was the alpha beta (phi cappa delta) of the dog universe, and he would take her bed from now on, tyvm, and she could have his floor to sleep on, where she belonged. He said all this in an unbudging tooth-showing growl. Well, the dog books she’d read weren’t wasted on her; she was prepared for such a day. According to instructions of professionals, she got up on top of him and bit him in the back of the neck and wouldn’t let go until he got off the bed.

    Whew.. This is a blood relative, people. Anyway, I don’t think I’d do that even to a wicked dog. And trust me, I love dirty windows. There are two, here, which have not been touched in 25 years. I just felt they weren’t mine, you know? Is there a window-owning therapy I might avail myself of? WOA? I’m going to Google that right after I leave here. I can’t help these windows until someone helps me.

    By the way, did anyone here watch the Holy Father’s Mass at Yankee Stadium? It was awesome. Absolutely awesome.

  13. JT, excellent. You momentarily throw zee tablecloth over zee Dawg while I run to zee sidedoor for cover. (That way I get to zee bathroom first too.) Ha, ha – that is zee French way.

    Carol, you’ve inspired me. I am going to try to sew/repair the screens myself. Of course, if I do a good job, then everyone will expect me to break down and sew on all those buttons that have been lying on various countertops and tables for three years. 🙂 We don’t get many vendors here. But we get Mormons a lot. The last time, after I had thanked them but told them I wasn’t interested, they sweetly asked if there was anything else they could do for me, like help me with the dishes or anything. I tell you, I was sorely tempted. By the way, if their plans worked out, both marie cecile and teresa anawim were going to the Papal Mass in New York. I hope it did work out for them.

    Pia, I’m so glad you made yourself sick laughing. We need that every once in a while; we sure do. I had a great time re-reading everybody’s comments from a year-and-a-half ago; they brought back such terrific memories!

    Aeternus, thanks! And Ann, we used to tease each other all the time about what would happen if we all tried to go on a silent retreat together. Can you imagine?

    Owen, thank you, and it’s never too late! So good to hear from you – hope all is well! I haven’t listened to Miles Davis in eons. Eons, I tell you.

    That’s quite a coincidence, JT. Myself, I was listening to the sound track from Toy Story. I’m eclectic like that. 🙂

  14. *gasp! THAT’s how you found Randy Newman’s song! We WERE separated at birth! Maybe we all were. 🙂 May we all be reunited in that land of ultimate laughter.

    Man, Canada gets all the fun Mormons. Our address is apparently on their permanent list of heathens to convert.. just once I’d like them to ask me if there’s anything they could do, like remove that hideous home-made utility trailer they just passed by. (Eclectic is good only on some folks, my dear; we finally had to part with his wood-enhanced lawnmower, tho’ we got some photos of it, but of course we still have the Flintstone van with roof-flashing along the side panel. Thank heavens he Bondo-d over it.) Don’t let anyone see you sewing the screen, that’s the key. You must be able to pull off a “Well, well, well.. the angels must’ve come and done that for us. We’ll not try their good nature by also wanting buttons.”

  15. Aaahhhh….the good times!
    Yep…that was a great party, Gab!
    and….it has been a great year.
    Thanks for all the research you do to put something up on the blog as well as going into the workplace taking care of a family.
    One gal with a busy schedule.
    Love that video!
    May we continue to see the Haven being blessed …as well as… being the blessing that it is to us!


  16. Carol, I haven’t got around to the sewing yet. I stuck a little ball of scotch tape in the hole for the time being. It’s very attractive.

    teresa, thank you so much! It’s all of you who make being here a blessing and a treat!

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