Good Things Coming Our Way

  • Father Thomas Dubay will be the special guest on EWTN Live on Wednesday, April 9th (8:00 p.m. ET and 5:00 p.m. PT), with host Father Mitch Pacwa.  Don’t forget, if you cannot access this television station in your area, try watching over the Internet!  The show will be aired again on Thursday, April 10th and Sunday, April 13th, but please check the EWTN schedule for the proper times in your part of the world. 
  • If you are in the Ottawa area, Dr. Scott Hahn will be in town to give two free talks (a good-will offering is appreciated) at St. Patrick’s Basilica on Saturday, April 12th.  The first talk, at 12:00 noon, will be on “Hail Holy Queen, The Mother of God in the Word of God”; the second talk, at 2:00 p.m., will be on “First Comes Love, Finding your Family in the Church and the Trinity”.  

16 thoughts on “Good Things Coming Our Way

  1. Gab (everyone)
    Please pray for Becky S., she’s dying right now. She’s a close friend’s sister. She’s only mid 30’s. And it is an infection so drugs can help. She’s not expected to live past today (April 7th). At the mercy hour on the west coast aprox 75 minutes please join me in a chaplet.

  2. JT, just saw your message. Will pray for ((( Becky ))) now.  It’s actually after five p.m. here in Ottawa; just remembered to fix the time change on the site. 

  3. Btw, thanks for this notice, Gab. Son’s returning tomorrow, so we’re going out to dinner tonight, but I will look forward to a rerun viewing. Will you be seeing Dr. Hahn?

  4. Carol and Pia, thank you for your prayers for Becky. No further news as yet.

    (((Carol))) 😦 That short stay must have flown by in what seemed to be hours. This is very painful, that he has to return to Iraq, and I pray God will give you all the strength to bear it, and will ask Mary to guard him and protect him as her own, always.

    I missed the Fr. Dubay show because I had to go to a meeting yesterday evening, and the rerun times are very awkward, aren’t they? If anybody saw it, could you let us know what the subect-matter was please? I’m going to try to get to Scott Hahn’s first talk, at least, if all goes well on the homefront.

  5. ((((Thank you)))). Husband looked at me this morn and said, “He couldn’t have had a better possible r & r home, huh?” After such a winter, and after such worries, I guess I need for people to point out that sort of fact to me–because it’s true. He connected with just about everyone! And he got to see in their eyes what joy he truly brings. He gathered with a whole passel of friends from two places of work, twice, and with old friends from our old town, with old friends from our ‘new’ town of 25 years, lol, and with our friends, with whomever of the fam was around, with his cat, and he was in store for a surprise when he went up to his father’s, whose wife put on a big feed and invited the uncles over, too, whom he hadn’t seen in years! He really had a good time. He is doing well in every way, and hopes to work more on his Associate degree as soon as he’s back. He (along with others..) does now head back into a greater danger, and this time, I’m not subscribing to statistics, but praise God, so far, so good. Thank you for your prayers.

  6. Update, Becky is still alive. I am not sure in what state she is in, or if she can ever recover. Her temp came down to normal for a bit, but back up. They performed surgery on her to prevent stroke. Please pray for her dad too, this wait is killing him. He lost his wife about 5 years ago, now his daughter. They really need a miracle.

  7. That’s wonderful, Carol, all the joy of just being with him that he brought to others, and their love coming through loud and clear, which will help sustain him until he’s back for good. And I pray the spring (and maybe us a little bit) will help sustain you.

    I will keep them both in my prayers, JT. Thank you for letting us know.

  8. John, we know just the Fella to ask for a miracle of healing, of love, of peace of heart, of readiness, of gratitude, of hope and hope and hope. A miracle always blesses two or more, and here you’ve mentioned two who would be blessed by it. I’ll keep all in company on that.

    Oh, G. I have resigned myself to much indeed these past few weeks especially. I wish I could say I surrendered to love with joy, but I’d have to be out cold for that. A proper emptiness, tho’, is why even the earthworms I just disturbed by pulling 18 layers of dead maple leaves off them seemed utter Gift. As did the courting pair of woodpeckers (little ones), as did the courting pair of robins I just saw who were flying up in the air over and over, twitterpated as Friend Owl would say, and as seems the lone mourning dove late in the eve/early in the morn. I almost pray that he or she soon won’t have to call out anymore. Ah, life.. there’s nothing quite like it. Ah, Spring.. and ah, mid-July or so, and all loved ones healthy and whole, please God. Thank you – you folks always restore me.

    John, I’m going to help pray that man a new wife, too.

  9. Thank you for your prayers. Becky passed within the last hour. She died a peaceful death with her brother’s there. Her dad has pneumonia right now, the stress is a bit much. He’s going to be okay, I guess. A very strong Catholic family all too tragic, all too short. She was in her early 30’s. Again thank you all for your prayers.

  10. Aw, I’m sorry, John.

    We all have to pass on, but it does seem even more horrendous a loss when it’s a youngster.

    Prayers for Dad and the rest of the fam, now.

  11. ((( Carol ))), here’s to mid-July.

    JT, I’m very sorry, but relieved to hear that it was peaceful, and that Becky was not alone. I will continue to offer up some chaplets for her as well as for her dad’s health and the rest of the family.

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