Yes It Is – 1

Divine Mercy.  Jesus, I Trust in You.  It really is something to sing about.  Something to really sing about.

Zaufaj Panu juz dzis – Divine Mercy


5 thoughts on “Yes It Is – 1

  1. I love the joy and humour in this – the nun’s “hearty” voice, the man tumbling down the hill, and of course, JPII. From the youngster to the oldest in the video, singing their hearts out unashamedly about their trust in the Lord.

  2. I’m sure you’ve all seen this in your own parishes or schools, but when someone with Down’s Syndrome (et al) sings, sometimes it’s just a sound, and tho’ it sounds like the right sounds to them.. they look around to make sure, and if they see a smile, they sing all the louder. Amen. Sing love! What are words to people who love?

  3. Looks like they had a lot of fun doing it. My favorite is the nun.. Quite different from the nuns I once knew. Halleluia!

  4. Ladies, I’ve been practising. I can pronouce “Zaufaj Panu juz dzis” now, but not more than three or four times in a row without totally messing it up! 🙂

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