Yes It Is – 2

Divine Mercy.  Jesus, I Trust in You.  It’s also something to cry about – tears of grief, loss and pain; tears of forgiveness, hope and gratitude.


11 thoughts on “Yes It Is – 2

  1. Carol, I left these very words in a comment at Penni’s this morning, under the artwork she had up for Good Friday. It was a painting of what Jesus’ perspective would have been as He looked down from the Cross. Being drawn into the Divine Mercy gives the grace of this same perspective, from the Cross, doesn’t it.

  2. A wonderful painting indeed.

    Oh, to look at a suffering world — biting and carping and crying and dying — and to not be able to do anything permanent about it, until the grain of Wheat would fall to the earth. It is no wonder He longed to eat the Passover with His apostles.. Imagine knowing that He, the lamb of God, had finally come into the world, and would finally change it! Our every gain would require His every loss. Surely He looked well beyond those present that day.. way back to their human beginnings, and way forward to us, and to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren..

    Merciful, merciful love. And to think it’s only the tip of the iceberg..

  3. This woman’s story is a touching testimony – filled with the story of mercy and how God’s mercy towards us is further extended in our mercy towards others. Thanks, Gabrielle.

  4. It’s simply beautiful…especially her calm while speaking, her sweet smile. and her tears at the end were not about her, but about the other members of her family who are suffering. She is a wonderful mother. some would say “courageous”, but I think she has simply given it all over to Jesus like a child. It is He who is courageous for her, and she’s letting Him hold her hand as she goes forward…Now there will be a trial. More pain. I hope she holds fast to that Hand forever!

  5. Her family, and others’, is one of the reasons why we pray at Mass and privately, whether we ourselves feel a thing or not and even if we feel rage. We know or trust that our prayer makes a difference in the hearts and the hope of others. That is love. Others’ pain is also why some of us consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary. Our own prayer is well-intentioned, perhaps even sweet and oblative, but as a merely human venture it cannot help but limp or fall short. Coming from Mary’s own heart, tho’, it begins, middles and ends in only love. Or at any rate, that’s how I see it.

  6. ( Sorry – once again I forgot that an apostrophe followed by a parenthesis symbol makes an emoticon face right where one least wants one. )

  7. Carol, that’s okay; I fixed that for you. Also, I want to apologize to you or anyone else who leaves a comment and for some reason it doesn’t show up. I think your four last comments ended up in the Akismet spamcatcher, but the trouble is, sometimes it lets me see what it’s identifying as spam and I can despam what isn’t really spam, but sometimes it doesn’t show me, it just says, “we’ve caught 80 spam for you today”, and you never have a clue whether they really were spam or not. Luckily, I found your last few comments and despammed them. But on the other hand, the ones that truly are spam that I have seen lately have absolutely made me want to throw up, to put it bluntly. What a sick, perverted world we live in. Calling them spam is truly an understatement.

  8. Ann, I was really touched by this woman’s heart too. And she reminds me very much of a woman in my parish; so much so that I was startled when I first saw her. And as Pia said, you can just tell from that one bit of intimate conversation what a wonderful mother she is.

    Pia, yes, and it’s just amazing to see how “Jesus, I Trust in You” has become her primary focus, and how mercy as it has been revealed to her is going to be the way she will try to approach her family to help them. And those tears – oh my goodness. She may have been given the great grace not to feel hatred or vindictiveness against the perpetrators of the crime, but she understands completely the suffering of the other family members, deeply. She wants so badly for them to receive the same grace she has received, so they can go on with their lives.

  9. This is really sad and really beautiful. Jesus was so specific about the importance of forgiveness in our lives. The whole salvific plan is based on the sacrifice of Christ redeeming us and making it possible to be forgiven. It is essential yet so very, very difficult especially when something as devastating as the murder of a loved one takes place. So rare and so beautiful and so hard.

    Thanks for this inspiring video.

  10. Terry, it’s really powerful to see the supernatural at work here, with the Divine Mercy, isn’t it. Rare and beautiful and hard, as you say – she has experienced it, yet is still rather stunned by the power of it, I think – and yet, already wants to share it – knows she must share it.

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