Passion Sunday

[Excerpt from:  The Passion from Within, by Adrienne von Speyr. From the Chapter: “Going Forth into the Passion”]

“Taking leave of prayer.  The uninterrupted communion with the Father begins to break off.  Everything recedes now into the light of estrangement.  Humanly it is inexplicable how this estrangement could be ordained by the Father, how the Father holds the spirit of the Son of Man in his hands even before he has received it back expressly at the moment of death…

Until now it seemed that each of his human words was immediately taken up by the Father and even received an answer before a petition was uttered.  Now he knows that it will be different:  he has to ask as never before, inescapably, even if no answer is given.  The word comes back sounding hollow.  Or at least filled with the full sound of sin that the Son increasingly hears, stirring up anguish in him.  All this is waiting outside the door, and the door will open.  There are many doors, but whichever he chooses, it leads into the Passion.” 


2 thoughts on “Passion Sunday

  1. Jesus gave us the perfect lesson in abandonment of the will to God, in acceptance of the Cross, in obedience to another.

  2. Yes. Ann, if you ever have the chance to order this book, I would highly recommend it. It is a revelation of Jesus’ interior passion as nothing else that I have ever encountered.

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