My St. Patrick's

As I was listening to some lovely Celtic music on YouTube a few days ago, I came across this video taken by a lad here in Ottawa, of St. Patrick’s Basilica.  I’m really excited to show it to you, because it’s the kind of thing I just never think of doing, and now you’ll be able to see my “stomping grounds”, so to speak.  St. Patrick’s Basilica is not my parish, but I work just a few blocks from it, and it has become my downtown sanctuary and more. 

The little door that the filmmaker enters, to the left side of the front of the church as you’re facing it, is the door I usually use too.  No matter what time of the day you go, there are usually people sitting quietly praying or meditating, others making the Stations of the Cross, or simply walking around quietly venerating the many beautiful statues.  Every day at three o’clock there is a holy hour.  I love getting away from the office for Mass and/or confession during lunch hour, and often I am able to stop in after work for a while, just to sit, or to light a candle for someone.

You will see in the video, after showing us the beautiful stainglass window above the altar, the filmmaker scans the large painting of Jesus on the left as you’re viewing, and then quickly scans the one on the right, which is actually a most beautiful painting of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.  Then we see the little alcove with the statue of Mary and all the blue votive candles – that is exactly where I made my consecration on the Feast of the Assumption this past August 15th.  You can even see where I go to confession!  How about that?  🙂


9 thoughts on “My St. Patrick's

  1. I can imagine your surprise and delight when you stumbled upon this. All so familar and captured just as you would have approached the church yourself.
    It looks a most stunning building, a landmark among all those buldings that surround it.

  2. Yes, I was really delighted when I saw it! Another wonderful thing about St. Patrick’s is that there is a big basement with a grotto in the style of Lourdes; it’s very lovely. Also housed down there is the book shop, and it’s a very good one.

  3. Here is another St Pats…. with a more modern renovation… in the southern hemisphere here in New Zealand. It is also in YouTube format, but with a photo slideshow.

  4. kiwinomad, it’s just beautiful, as is the YouTube. Well done! You have an artistic/photographer’s eye. The details were excellent, and I love that enormous wall with the stain glass windows. I’ll go back another night to look at some of your other videos. 🙂 Hope your marathon training is going well (read your comment at penni’s the other day!)

  5. Not quite marathon training…. long walk training……. You would never catch me running anywhere… but I am starting to walk some of the Camino of St James from Le Puy in France soon. I picked up my airline tickets today!

  6. So nice to see a slice of your life. A beautiful church. Must be a nice place to sit and pray. Older churches are sometimes more conducive to reflection.

  7. the next time you go in, and think of lighting a candle, may I ask you to please light one – and say a prayer – for Jason? Thank you, my friend….

  8. kiwinomad, just thinking about it makes me tired. I’d likely have to go for a nap just after picking up the airline tickets. 🙂

    terry, it’s just about my favourite place to be!

    kristin, I have, and I will! Don’t give up on me re email; spring’s coming! (well, I know it’s already officially here, but snow-wise and time-wise, it hasn’t landed at our house yet).

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