For You, by Carl Sandburg

The peace of great doors be for you.
Wait at the knobs, at the panel oblongs;
Wait for the great hinges.
The peace of great churches be for you,
Where the players of loft pipe-organs
Practise old lovely fragments, alone.

The peace of great books be for you,
Stains of pressed clover leaves on pages,
Bleach of the light of years held in leather.

The peace of great prairies be for you.
Listen among windplayers in cornfields,
The wind learning over its oldest music.

The peace of great seas be for you.
Wait on a hook of land, a rock footing
For you, wait in the salt wash.

The peace of great mountains be for you,
The sleep and the eyesight of eagles,
Sheet mist shadows and the long look across.

The peace of great hearts be for you,
Valves of the blood of the sun,
Pumps of the strongest wants we cry.

The peace of great silhouettes be for you,
Shadow dancers alive in your blood now,
Alive and crying, “Let us out, let us out.”

The peace of great changes be for you.
Whispers, oh beginners in the hills.
Tumble, oh cubs – to-morrow belongs to you.

The peace of great loves be for you.
Rain, soak these roots; wind, shatter the dry rot.
Bars of sunlight, grips of the earth; hug these.

The peace of great ghosts be for you,
Phantoms of night-gray eyes, ready to go
To the fog-star dumps, to the fire-white doors.

Yes, the peace of great phantoms be for you,
Phantom iron men, mothers of bronze,
Keepers of the lean clean breeds.


3 thoughts on “For You, by Carl Sandburg

  1. This is a wonderful poem, Gabrielle. I have never come across it before which of course adds to the enjoyment.
    It’s the sort of poem that’s best read slowly, in the quiet, with a cup of coffee and a sense of blissful solitude.

  2. Thank you, Ann and teresa. It’s funny; as I was reading it, then typing it, so many of you came to mind for different verses. May you both have a peaceful and blessed Holy Week.

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