Catholic Blog Awards

Psssst.  I was perusing the nominations lists here for all my friends in order to pay them homage with a click of the mouse, when I was momentarily overcome.  It’s not good to startle the detective. 

There it was, in the category for “Best Written Blog”.  Good thing I was wearing my sleuthing attire, because it was listed under the ‘m’s, as in, “My Contemplative Haven” [maybe they will correct that]!

So to the kind soul who nominated this blog I’d like to say “thank you”, and I also would like to thank all of my readers who keep coming back here to chat in the combox.  That’s where all the terrific writing is done – spiritual, apologetics, humour, rants, confessions – and where kindred souls are discovered. 


6 thoughts on “Catholic Blog Awards

  1. Shhhhh….this is between you and me… I just tiptoed in and furtively voted for you….shhhh!
    I was wondering when you’d take out your super sleuth outfit again….It looks great on you!

  2. Aw, shucks Pia, thank you! Yes, the outfit is holding up rather well, although the boots are not really warm enough for our Canadian winters. It’s difficult sneaking around artfully when your toes are frozen.

  3. Yes, we truly ARE “kindred souls”….even when weeks – or months – have passed by, and we haven’t communicated (directly…or indirectly)….we are still, somehow, “in touch” (connected) with one another. Isn’t that just incredibly wonderful? And mysterious? I thought of you throughout last week, as each day led lead up to Easter Sunday….knowing that you were just as enthralled as I was, in a constant state of gratitude….remembering just how very much He loves us….giving all that He has given – and continues to give. You encourage me, even when we haven’t “spoken” in a while. He is risen! Our Hope remains secure. Blessings to you this day, Gabrielle. (((hugs)))

  4. It’s true, Kristin, and one thing I am always grateful for is your patience during my long email absences! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I know “the big moving day” is coming up soon, and I’ll be sending out lots of positive thoughts that no bottoms fall out of the boxes, etc. 🙂 It’s so exciting!

  5. Thanx, Carol. It’s such a nice bit of “serendipity” when someone notices your absence….especially when I comment on Gabrielle’s blog so infrequently & so inconsisently. Actually, there have been some pretty major changes/adjustments in my life, these last 4 – 5 months, which have resulted in my having less “me time” (only temporarily, I hope). I started a new job January 2nd, which starts earlier in the day, and is rather demanding of my time/energy/attention. In addition, we had started building a house back in November, which has required increasing amounts of my involvement, with each passing day. It has been an incredible drain, in every department, and we are seriously wondering if we will have the physical, emotional & mental energy to actually MOVE (within the next 1 – 2 weeks now) into it. It’s a real blessing, and is a lovely home….but has demanded every spare moment for weeks now….which has left me no time to “look in” on Gabrielle and friends. Believe me, I have missed you all. This blogsite was (& is) a source of inspiration, comfort, encouragement, insight and hope. Thank you, Gabrielle – and Carol – for even taking the time to respond to my comments, as belated as they were. Your kindness is like a soothing balm to a tired mind and a weary body… God bless you both.

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