Feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes to St. Bernadette, I would like to direct you to the official celebration website, where, among other things, you can watch a selection of lovely, short videos direct from Lourdes.  Just click on the link in the section marked “Multimedia Space”, and then go to the “Video Reports” button, and you will see a variety of videos listed in a menu on the left-hand side.

If you would like to read an excerpt from a speech given in Lourdes by Pope John XXIII (then Cardinal and Patriarch of Venice) in March 1958, please see my post today at Consecrated to Mary.


11 thoughts on “Feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes

  1. I really wish I can get to Lourdes some day. I know a “small one” who visited Lourdes last year. (He is about 2 or 3 years old, so his parents brought him) Please ask Our Lady of Lourdes to intercede for him and his parents this year. His mother have an (very occasional) blog if you want to read more about this small soldier of God: http://luukasstory.blogspot.com/ As I understand it there is no need for the emergency prayers anymore. But I’m sure the day to day living need at least as much prayers as when he had more acute diseases.

  2. Swede/Joakim, what a story Luukas has! Miracles galore, but he needs still more. I am praying, too, ad Mariam per Karol Wojtyla, and thank you for posting of this child. By the way, if I haven’t commented at your site, Catholic Ponderer, it’s only because I’m so busy reading your Lenten posts.. how unique! I, too, will hope you can get to Lourdes someday.

    And Gab, thank you. I think we’re all mostly silently reading and absorbing, then absorbing, and absorbing.. like a very dry sponge. Thank you. I hope all is going very well there. Have all we who bear some French blood/great poverty ever felt a close affinity for Bernadette and her family? Hers has always reminded me of my own growing up home.

  3. Oh, Joakim, the poor little tyke. I read the posts quickly, and will go back. I will definitely pray and ask Mary for her intercession for that little one, and my heart is so moved by the love and strength of his parents. You have such a tender heart, Mr. Swede; I too hope you travel to Lourdes someday.

    I’m hanging in, JustMe (by a thread, ha ha). I think I’ll have to give up reading for Lent. 🙂 Re Bernadette, actually, all I know is I loved the movie as a child! I’ve never actually read about her family background, etc. I also know she and Terry have the same birthday. 🙂   (I mean, his birthday is Bernadette’s feastday, I think – her birthday into heaven)…

  4. Two lines especially in this 150th Jubilee prayer posted at the site, knocked my socks off. One says to Mary, “You are God’s smile..” Oh my, how true. And how many need to see God’s smile, having seen everything but that for them on His face. The others is sweet in its power to bring us the future back to an original barque under close clouds, “Inspire the Church which Christ is building on Peter’s faith:
    that it may be one.”
    Whew. Amen. “building on Peter’s faith” Peter’s faith–that is what Jesus set His church upon, that is what He saw in Peter’s eyes so long ago, before Peter even opened his mouth. How important was and is faith!

  5. It really is a beautiful prayer. There are so many descriptions of Mary in it too; God’s smile, as you say, and the Gate of Heaven, the materal face of the Church, and Mary saddened by our sins but radiant with Your light. It’s not an overly-long prayer, but manages to include so much; just lovely.

  6. Dear Mr. Ponnapalli, thank you very much for paying me a visit here. I have watched the trailer of the beautiful Our Lady of Lourdes movie you produced and looked at the site as well. I found a quote from you (by googling), wherein you say that you were inspired by Mother Mary…

    I will do a post on this sometime during the upcoming week, I hope, and also one on my other blog, Consecrated to Mary. If you read this, I would be pleased if you would email me with some details regarding the miracles you said you witnessed during the making of this movie, and I would love to learn more about how, as a Hindu, Mother Mary has affected your life. My email is on my “About” Page here.

  7. The French version of my movie NOTRE DAME DE LOURDES was screened at LOURDES on 11TH OCTOBER 2009 as part of the CINEMA FESTIVAL of LOURDES which are made on SAINT BERNADETTE. AMONG THE MANY who appreciated the film is Mgr Jacques Perrier- the bishop.I gave brief speech before the commencement of the show of the film.Also who attended the show is the actress who played the main character SAINT BERNADETTE in the film il suffit d’aimer (1961).It was really nice to show the film at LOURDES.

  8. Congratulations, Mr. Ponnapalli! I’m very happy for you, and for all who were able to view/enjoy your movie at Lourdes. It must have been thrilling to be a part of the Lourdes film festival.

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