Received with Thanks

Cathy, of A Bit of the Blarney has been very gracious and passed along an “Excellent Blog” award to Contemplative Haven. Thank you, Cathy!

I’m supposed to award it to ten others, but for now, at least, I would just like to highlight two excellent resource bloggers/blogs:

  • KyCatholic of Catholic iPod – and not just for iPods!  If you haven’t visited, go on over; you’ll find a treasure trove.  And for all of you Father Thomas Dubay followers, you’ll definitely want to see the three most recent posts
  • Sonitus Sanctus, newly discovered and now in my sidebar.  You’ll have to see for yourself, and browse through the archives.  A veritable goldmine!

To all of my excellent blogger friends, thank you for your generosity and commitment.  You are talented, Spirit-filled and inspiring! 


5 thoughts on “Received with Thanks

  1. Ryan, nice to “meet” you! Congratulations and many thanks for your great blog-work.

    ky, you’re a busy, busy bee! That’s a great series; I’ve listened to it a few times over the last couple of years. Thank you!

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