Book Meme

Veritas, of Poetry, Prayer, and Praise recently tagged me for a book meme. 🙂  So, I am to pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages), open it to page 123, find the fifth sentence and post the next three sentences.

The book beside me right now is, The Gates of Eternal Life, by Adrienne von Speyr.  So, I’m opening to page 123 (oh, thank goodness, it does have at least 123 pages).  Bear with me, I’m finding the fifth sentence (quandary of quandaries, do I include the first partial sentence at the top of the page or not?  No, I’ve decided not to include the first partial sentence.)  So I’m counting now, one, two, three, four, five.  And here we go; the next three sentences are:

“But it is difficult for the Christian to distinguish the Spirit in his experience of faith from his own faith, his own understanding, from what he calls his own spirit.  The Spirit, however, is nevertheless the great Other who gives himself in ever-renewed, difficult encounters between the divine and the human spirit.  Man must bear the Spirit within himself, in order to arrive at an image of eternity – less for himself than for others – that is attractive and inviting.”

Well now, I simply hate to quote things out of context and run, but I must make haste and go and make my (in)famous three-bean-salad-with-four-beans.  The recipe says it can stay in the fridge for weeks, and you know what?  Sometimes, it does.


4 thoughts on “Book Meme

  1. Today was a very good day for me to imbibe the Spirit – it was Confirmation Day for the children in whose school I work.

    I work with the very young ones, and so today was special seeing them 7 years down the line, all spruced up, hearing them sing like larks, and receiving the Holy Spirit.

  2. Ann, what a wonderful experience! It must be very satisfying to be of service in that way, and heartwarming to see the fruits of your efforts!

    Joakim, I report success. It’s almost all gone!

    Pia, I never use that one for dress-up. I must keep it strictly for my important detective work, so that people will take me seriously. I was, however, wearing addidas jogging pants today, which qualifies as a “costume” for me. 🙂

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