The Shepherds

Direct to YouTube for this video is here.


2 thoughts on “The Shepherds

  1. I love how fairly realistic this is. Indeed, poor shepherds would’ve been commiserating about not only taxes and more taxes.. but also, about the coming of the One Who would save His people from such long-lived oppression and slavery. And how real, too, that one older man says how long he has been waiting and hasn’t seen him yet! And how one cautions against their becoming violent, and how most of them just trust that God will be true to His word as always.. and the doubter who is slightly heartened now nods and says, “Yes, you’re right…*sigh…..” And then, a great, great surprise for these poor laborers. 🙂

    (Is that Jean Simmons portraying Mary?)

  2. Yes, I like this little series I found on YouTube. It’s not Hollywood. It’s Cathedral Films, which intended them for educational purposes. This one is Holy Night, 1951. I googled around a bit. I can see exactly why you said Jean Simmons. I would have thought the same, and maybe a young Rock Hudson as Joseph. But it’s an actress named Eileen Rowe, and Joseph is John Alvin.

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