Let us rejoice.

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8 thoughts on “Gaudete

  1. She did.

    The other day while I was living and moving and having my being in Him – instead of dyin’ and stallin’ out and whinin’ my snowy head off – I came across a nice book at Goodwill. It’ll put us in mind of Lesser Brother. “Miracles Do Happen” – about Sr. Briege (and I hope Veritas will say she has met her, lol!). I’m only early into it, but I’ve been a BriegeFan forever.

    (She prays 3 hours a day before Him, before she prays with others.) On the importance of prayer, an excerpt from “Keeping the Commitment to Prayer”:

    I went into the chapel where everyone else was adoring the Blessed Sacrament and praying. I sat down, feeling a little guilty that the Lord had had to remind me of my commitment. As I closed my eyes, the Lord gave me an image of a monastery. There was a wall around the monastery and a door. I went through the door. Then I came to another door which had a sign on it: “Enclosure.”

    I looked at this door and the Lord said to me, “You see, Briege, this door has ‘Enclosure’ on it. You cannot go in there. The people in there don’t come out because they have made a commitment to live their lives enclosed from the world. This is only to remind you that these are only physical walls and this is not what makes a contemplative. What makes a contemplative is the enclosure in the heart.”

    It was then that the Lord revealed to me that, even though I am not a cloistered nun, I must have a contemplative spirit. I must be a woman who at special times can close that cloister of the heart and let no one else in, that the special times are for the Lord alone.

  2. I haven’t read any of Sr. Briege’s writings, but I saw some video a while back which was very good. “Miracles Do Happen” sounds like a wonderful read, based on the passage you’ve shared here. Aren’t you constantly amazed at the things we find at the Goodwill/Salvation Army? Rummaging through books is one of the little joys of life. 🙂

  3. Ohhh, I think of it as a “lose yourself until you have to gasp to find a clock” joy. You have Salvation Army shops there?? WooHOO!! I’m so happy for you! Christmas Bazaars.. Catholic Thrift Shops.. I found out about the Miracle at Lanciano via a .10 purchase! I get just as lost in all those as in the most enormous book stores on earth. Books are books.

    Yes, reading Sr. Briege is sweet and informative, all while being extraordinarily relaxing…she’s so natural, i.e., “So I said to my Jesus, “but my Jesus…” Aw. :o) Little books, little birds, little kids, little cats, little sisters and brothers.. it doesn’t take much to thrill this old heart.

  4. Aw, that did not come out right! What I meant was, who needs trips to Ireland or Aruba, the carnivals, the big cities, etc. I most sincerely am just as thrilled with visits that speak of Him, or that laugh together. Well, I am sure that you knew that, but better to make it more clear. I find your videos to be gifts unexpected, in their peace and meaning.

    I hope you do, too. And I hope you aren’t overdoing.

  5. Yes, I am overdoing, but tomorrow’s Christmas Eve and I’m not ready yet. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhh, today is Christmas Eve!

    P.S. Did you know that M&M sells frozen mashed potatoes? Tee hee. A very recent discovery.

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