My Desire

Direct to YouTube for this video is HERE.

[Edited to add:  The creator of this video, Bob Carlton, posted it on his blog about a year ago, with the lyrics by Paul Simon.  You can see the lyrics here.  Bob Carlton’s YouTube Channel is here, and he has made some really lovely videos for reflections on special liturgical days/seasons].


6 thoughts on “My Desire

  1. Well, with a lawn mower in my left ear (my tower revs up and stays that way through all videos), and a small boy-colored tornado in my right ear, I was not able to catch the words.. but the images were certainly those of quiet. Solitude of smoking alone, a vacated room–freshly or long ago.. (I’ll bet you hang back after Mass a while to just kneel in the His silent gaze.) I wanted to remove the key from the clock lest some well-meaning soul feel compelled by habit (and slavery) to wind it.

    Is Advent-ine solitude why you like the stark beauty of Autumn?

  2. Ah, I just heard much of it.. looked up the lyrics for the rest, and listened again..

    Beautiful. 🙂 Makes me want to throw on a small backpack and do the same.

  3. Well, I had my ear right to the laptop speaker, and I still couldn’t make out a few of the words, but that’s okay. I caught the drift. Was that smoke? I wasn’t sure, but was thinking maybe they were ethereal, spirity-somethings. 😉 I would love to linger after Mass, but it’s rarely possible. Re Advent-ine solitude and autumn, the two don’t go together in my neck of the woods. Advent is winter here, even if not “officially” re the solstice. We’ve already got lots of snow piled up in the backyard and on the front lawn.

  4. As for the ethereal, spirity-somethings, I had weighed it, and thought not — because all the other images were the almost impromptu and not stunning moments in which we find ourselves with the solitude we’d have colored differently, and lengthened. No?

    The lyrics are as exquisite as the voice. (Paul Simon, “Quiet.”)

    I so disliked everyone zippity-do-dah-ing out of Mass, I ended up running the post-11a.m.-Mass coffee for 3 years. My girls wrote me out of their will over that.

    🙂 But the parish hall was adjacent to the Blessed Sacrament chapel, and He got to hear some very happy, very real talk and laughter, as did we. But it does seem one must sneak in during the day sometime, in order to sit with Him.. at least here on the US East coast. It takes forever for the musicians to pack up, etc. To and fro goings galore, etc.

    Anyway, this song has grown on me. 🙂

  5. Thanks, JustMe, for mentioning looking up the lyrics. I did so, and not only found them, but a lovely blog new to me! I’ve edited the post, therefore.

    Yes, there’s always a lot of hubbub after Mass, and sometimes I’m on library-duty too, so I have to slip out a minute early to open up. So quiet time for me is usually at a church downtown on my way home from work (though not always quiet there, either, it is usually at least dim, and extremely comforting).

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