Something's Amiss!

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I plugged in practically everybody in my sidebar, and the only one who came out “Genius” was Phil, of CatholicGeek. And he’s on sabbatical. Go figure.  🙂

To try it for yourself, go HERE.

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12 thoughts on “Something's Amiss!

  1. but my Italian blog has been evaluated as Genius!!! But that doesn’t mean anything, does it–?

    I think at the basis of this, Gab, is that you express complex concepts with simple words. That’s just the way I like it!

  2. Well, taking great pride, as I do, in my humility — and because I am not the only one posting at my ‘blog — I should avoid this quiz.

    *ahem.. However, if it’s the same one I took a week ago, I’m pleased enough with the Undergrad rating, tho’ that probably doesn’t thrill the folks at the ‘blog who paid through the nose for 4 or more years of college.

    Pia, I think you’ve captured the secret. Indeed, I like that, too. Looked at in this way, I should’ve, rather, been greatly dismayed that we rated so well, but I was just too relieved to not have seen the words, “Fruit loop” appear in the rating box.

  3. I thought this one was fun to share! I had to edit my post, because I put “Phil the Geek” instead of “CatholicGeek” by mistake! I realized later it didn’t sound very nice! I miss him. I wonder when he’ll be back. Thanks for the optimistic interpretation, Pia! Allo, Mme. Fruitloop.

  4. JohnT! Genius reading level! But you shut down on us! How are we ever going to improve ourselves? No Phil, no JohnT. Woe is me. Woe is me. I will sleep with my thesaurus under my pillow from now on, and maybe some big words will enter my subconscious and trickle out onto the blog. 🙂

  5. I look at it this way…If someone in high school can understand this blog of mine then it must be easy for others to understand. I think less is good in this case…not being a genius myself, I need things simple to understand them. I’m okay with mine…Thanks for the journey…it was fun!!!

  6. Hi Gabrielle,,

    I just tagged you for a Random MEME that was passed over to me at my blog. I think this is how it gets passed, anyway you can choose to do it or not. Good luck!

  7. Cathy, I agree. I like blogs that give us plenty to reflect on, but do so in a way that’s accessible to everyone. Anyway, this was just for fun, and even those whose blogs ended up with a “genius” rating like Phil and JohnT, are (or were) blogs that are/were very accessible and welcoming to all!

    Marie Cecile, thanks! I will put something up shortly. 😉

  8. i managed to hit a college level…go figure…there seems to be something amiss when a cartoon character rates higher than an amazing contemplative 🙂

  9. Dear Mr. Cubeland Mystic: you see who you are dealing with here? I used to be swift on the uptake. I used to have memory cells too. Well, I don’t care if it’s fake or not. I’m going to always think of you now as JohnTGenius. 🙂

    Mr. Cubeland Mystic and Lucy: my teenage son, who reads my blog and noticed my rating, said to me yesterday, “you know, Mom, all it does is read your URL, and judges the level on how long/complicated the URL is. It doesn’t read your blog at all to classify you.” I mumbled something about that being rather fraudulent, and sent him off to study for his Spanish test.

    But anyway, since my URL is simply it’s a wonder they didn’t classify me in Senior Kindergarten!

    P.S. I have always held “Lucy” in the highest esteem.

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