I Thirst

“When can I see the face of my God?”  “Why are you downcast, my soul?”  “Why do you groan within me?”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This is a soulful rendition of Psalm 42 sung by John Michael Talbot, and a very beautiful video as well.  For everyone whose soul is groaning. Towards the last minute, candles are lit, the flame passing from each to the other, and in my mind those hands belong to all of us here.  

Direct to YouTube for this video is HERE.


17 thoughts on “I Thirst

  1. This is really lovely, Gabrielle. I have to hand it to you, you have a gift for sourcing the most apt Youtubes for the moment we find ourselves in. I receive the candle with thanks and now I pass it on, it may be dark just now but I can follow the flame as it travels on.

  2. Ann, thank you. I just visited Pia’s, and today I see us offering these virtual candles, with our prayers, for Mary’s intercession in restoring Danilo’s eyesight. I am so grateful to be partnered in prayer with all of you faithful ones.

  3. Gabrielle, that was absolutely wonderful. I had asked the other day to see some deer and amazing you have a video of some today with one of my favorite singers. God provides in wonderful ways. Plus I never heard this song before and that was a treat in itself.

    God Bless You!

  4. Off topic here a bit.

    Ginny & I have made our own Christmas Award which celebrates the real reason for Christmas. The birth of our Lord Jesus.

    We hope that you will accept this award and pay it forward by giving it to your own blog roll:).

    Check out our blog View from the Pews.

    Peace & JOY to you:)


  5. I had no chance to comment last noc a I was ready to go to my weekly Cursillo group when I read and listened to you message. It was one of those “Christ-present-to-me” moments!!! I will share with all the girls in my group NOW!!! Good day and God Bless!!

  6. Marie Cecile, that’s true – you do often mention how much you love spotting a deer on your walks! I’m happy you chanced upon some here! I love John Michael Talbot too, but I’ve just heard some of his music within the last year or so; I don’t have any of his CDs yet.

    JustMe, that’s a wonderful analogy, if I’m reading you correctly. Here online, passing the faith, strengthening one another in that faith, supporting one another through difficulties, spreading the Good News to those who may happen upon us and have not heard it before. The passing of the candles made me think of all this, but not in terms of the Early Church. Merci!

    Marie, thank you. I was visiting you and Ginny last night before I saw your comment here. I will head back soon and investigate. 🙂

    Cathy, thank you for your enthusiasm, and for sharing this with your fellow Cursillists. God bless you too!

  7. Yes, G — and I should’ve been more clear. When I am deeply touched by something, I go quiet even in text (verrry unusual, lol), but to find gifts of love on our computer’s top step so often is something I have never visibly enough been thankful for. You all do indeed remind me of the early Church, of whom it was said, “See how they love one another!” Just reading Paul’s “To the church at ____”, or to hear John’s “Little children,” we know, don’t we, what tenderness there was, and what great fortitude was passed.

    There is this and that besides, but most predominant in my litany of woes is the worrying over my son. I was sitting here debating whether or not to speak of him. In every phone call as in this letter to home’s closing from him, I lose it. I was sitting here crying, for him, and because he has helped to build a church and med facility for others.. when I saw the news that some poor 54-yr old good-hearted teacher in the Sudan could be flogged (is it ANY wonder that Christ reiterated as God: “Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice’“?), and then when I checked feeds, I saw that the “Dying Man’s Daily Journal” blog is updated. Whew..I stopped crying.

    I was thinking about everyone in your side panel over there, and others, and you know, we have all got enough on our plates in this little catacomb we call the ‘net. None of my iffy news is needed, eh? 🙂

    Thank you, G, and you others, for being hereabouts to gently remind us that God is on the job. He’s on it all.

  8. I know that the iffy news often needs to be processed for a while, all alone, before it can be spoken of, but it is always something that can be shared here whenever you or anyone wants to talk. I’m sure the catacombs were havens not only for celebrating the Eucharist and for prayer and plans, but places to confide fears, anxieties and sadness, as well as all the joy of knowing the Lord. For some reason, comments are not always appearing promptly, for what reason I don’t know, because moderation is not on. Apart from that, even if I’m not around for a while, surely someone else will be, considering the time differences between the countries where we all live. My heart is going out to you, JustMe, as you already know, and I want you and everyone to know that they can just come and leave a comment any time, on whatever the most recent post is, asking for prayer or confiding some worries, and I know they will receive feedback and prayer support.

    Your son was helping to build a church. A brave catacomber.

  9. That is the kind of stuff that he went over to do, tho’ his earthly boss doesn’t realize it.

    He is a man, now. I wish IEDs weren’t near this man.. and there’s much one can’t say. But.. he is a man, now. Yes, brave. And thank you.

  10. Gabrielle, I know you received the Emmanuel Award and I too would like to pass it to you for the many times you have uplifted my soul with your inspiring words of wisdom. God Bless You!

  11. (((JustMe))). He’s in our prayers.

    MC, thank you; I really appreciate your kindness. Don’t you just love the name Emmanuel – I do. 🙂

    Have taken a day of my vacation to go Christmas shopping today. My goal is to at least come home with a few stocking stuffers. (and maybe a bit of chocolate). 😉

  12. They have the most amazing chocolate things offered at Christmas shopping time.. even more than at Easter during Lent.. ha, just what I need:Chocolate Nation.
    😉 ..enjoy..

  13. Emile, thank you! Your comment got stuck in “moderation” for a while, because it contained two links. Sorry about that! Are you EJG of the Catholiques Channel on YouTube? From Vancouver? In any case, thanks for those links. The “Love to be Catholic” site looks just great; I will use it and link to it in the future.

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