I think this beautiful video from Steve Silvia contains some very good guidelines for anyone who may be in the process of discernment at the moment (not just for those discerning vocations to the priesthood).  Steve Silvia’s YouTube Channel is HERE – he has created many excellent, solid Catholic videos – one hundred and three of them to date –  on a wide range of topics.

“To hunger for use and to go unused is the worst hunger of all.”  Amen, Steve.

Direct to YouTube for this video is Here.


8 thoughts on “Discernment

  1. Just popping in to say hi. Hi. 🙂 This could be a video blog while I’m “on retreat”. They’re fast to post, and you’ll get an idea of the things that cross my mind, in no apparent order. Hmmmm. Random. Random, that’s the thing. No rhyme or reason. Very tempting.

  2. Sure, go ahead! The problem with v-blogging is that we may get detoured somehow.. imagine. Somehow, click by click, I recently ended up on videos about serial murderers (and murderesses), as well as on some about UFOs. (Most serial criminals had a bad or too wispy mom-figure; and the sighting in Haiti is false, so don’t “go” there.)
    🙂 Your choice of videos are much MUCH better, lol. I LOVE “random, random.. no rhyme or reason”, yes yes yes.

  3. “To hunger for use and to go unused is the worst hunger of all.”

    Indeed it is. I think this was Mother Teresa’s very concern about the dignity of the excruciatingly poor. She was very careful to always accept every gift from them, even if she knew it would leave them gasping for a few days, which would break her heart. There was no alternative; these people must be allowed to give and serve as well.

  4. Now, where did I hear this, not too long ago? I don’t remember, but it was a quite famous doctor with a specialty in viruses who was called over from the States to have a look at Mother Teresa when she was very ill. When he arrived, she called him immediately over to her bedside. He was expecting some sort of a nice greeting, or a blessing, but she immediately just warned him not to ever make her doctors from India feel inferior in any way, because she appreciated them all so much and needed them all so badly for her work, and she didn’t want their gifts and service to be undervalued in any way. He tells about it very good-naturedly and jokingly now.

  5. lol, I’m not at all surprised. She knew the poor so heart-breakingly well. She never breached their dignity. Sometimes, of course, she found a way around some obstacles, but oh, how she agonized, and oh, how careful she was. (Except for Francis, I generally have, keep or want only one book from each saint, and I’ve started to part with the Francis things as well.. but what I quoted could’ve only come from Mother Teresa’s very old “Total Surrender.” It was written for her Sisters.. whew. Such love.)

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