In Your Heart

Dedicated to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

[Click twice to hear Tracy Chapman’s, “The Promise”. Or go Here directly at YouTube.]


11 thoughts on “In Your Heart

  1. I love Tracy’s singing. And her eyes and manner.

    I’d never heard this of hers. I don’t know what to say to it..

    I am reminded that St. Claude de la Colombiere, SJ was St. Margaret Mary’s confessor..the first to believe in her visions, and it is his own painfully constructed prayers that I first encountered online, and will always cling to, in their hope.

  2. By the way.. rather than click on an unknown or unrecognized comment name, one need only point to it until it is underlined, then right-click and select “Properties”, which will reveal its URL. When one visits websites via clicking on the name, the visit to that one’s blog or website can tell a great deal of info about us inquirers to its sitemeter (whether one appears or not).

  3. Ah, I do believe a bit of spam has come through, although you should have seen (no, sorry, you wouldn’t have wished to have seen it) what got caught between yesterday and today. I will be deleting that momentarily.

    Are you both nonplussed by my choice of music? 🙂 I often find something speaks to my heart and soul in a particular spiritual way, or takes me back to a particular spiritual experience; whether or not the artist ever intended any spiritual interpretation matters not to me!

  4. Well, I’d have to know what plussed was, before I can say if I’m nonplussed.


    I’m wondering who is singing to whom?

  5. In my head, it’s a dialogue, perhaps Jesus for the first two verses, then most of the rest of the song is the soul in love, then perhaps reverting to Jesus re the promise, then back to the soul. I think we have to remember that the artist was most likely speaking of a romantic, earthly love, and so not every word or phrase is applicable; it’s just the way this song spoke to me. It makes me think of souls who might have once experienced a mystical embrace, or a period of mystical consolations, and then perhaps have known nothing but dryness for years on end, and maybe even lost courage or become weakened by the battle-fatigue of living in this world. And yet in moments of recall, perhaps before the Blessed Sacrament, they can almost feel the way it used to be, and plead with the Lord to wait for them, just as He pleads with them to wait for Him, throughout the periods of dryness or the Dark Nights of Sense or Spirit.

  6. I have received so much love in this life, so truly unmeritedly so, that your explanation is exactly what I thought. Indeed, many songs we have heard could be sung back, and forth..

  7. Sigh. You’re welcome, Pia. Hope your weekend’s not too, too hectic, so you can get some rest. It’s kind of rainy and grey here – looks like a good weekend for cleaning and napping. 😉 And then napping again.

  8. I have always loved this song by Tracy Chapman, ever since it first came out (yes, I have the CD). Her music is often soulful and deep…..nothing like so many of the current “pop culture” preferences. I still remember when I first got that album, I listened to that one song, over and over. How amazing, to be hearing it again, and on your blog! 🙂 It seems to be one more unknown “connection” of the spirit that exists (well, unknown to ME, at least….but certainly not to God!).

    The most trusting and truthful of “earthly love” is also a beautiful reflection of God’s love for us…. didn’t He CREATE us for love (to love and to be loved)?

  9. Yes, indeed, Kristin – created to love Him, and know Him, and serve Him – and this we can do so well through and with others. Let me say it doesn’t surprise me that you have known and loved this song. It doesn’t surprise me in the least. 🙂

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