Fragrant Burning

Here is a beautiful song entitled Fragrant Burning, on the CD of the same name, by Derek Loux.  It can be found at

“All my triumphs I count but loss
All my failure I leave behind
I have one vision, Your rugged Cross
I have one mission, to come and die
And I will be a fragrant burning
I’ll wash Your feet with my tears
My love will be a poured-out offering to You, yeah

I have one banner, Your endless love
I have one passion, to see Your face
And I’ve one manor, Your Kingdom come
I’ve one obsession, to sit and gaze
And I will be a fragrant burning
I’ll wash Your feet with my tears
My love will be a poured-out offering to You

Fragrant burning for You
Nothing compares to You
Nothing compares to You
Nothing compares, nothing compares, compares to You
And I will be a fragrant burning
I’ll wash Your feet with my tears, yeah
My love will be a poured-out offering to You

Fragrant burning, for You, for You…

[Thank you, Lord, for your mercy.  Thank you, St. Faustina, for a Novena intention answered.]

(Edited to add: Something was niggling at the back of my mind as I listened to this song over and over again, and now I remember what it was: the beautiful poem Kathryn Therese posted about a year ago at Exhaling, the last sonnet called “Diliculum”, from “Seven Sonnets Through the Dark”, in which she writes of being “Living thuribles before Love’s Altar”. You can read it HERE.)


16 thoughts on “Fragrant Burning

  1. That’s wonderful Gabrielle!
    I have my earphones on and am about to listen to the music, offering up a prayer of thanks with you.

  2. We are all joined in prayer more and more, it seems. How wonderful to catch a glimpse of it from time to time!

    Have a wonderful work/rest/cleaning (?) weekend, both of you! Hope Octoberfest was great, Pia!

  3. This is lovely, Gabrielle, thank you. I’m pleased to hear that St. Faustina answered your prayers, and thanks to you I read too of how she has won Abbot Joseph’s heart in seeking the salvation of others’ souls. Don’t we just love good news like this?

  4. Yes, we do! We do indeed! My heart was warmed reading Abbot Joseph’s post, and I’m also very grateful to St. Faustina for her help in a situation that was hanging on for quite some time in a friend’s life. She is very gracious, and I find she has a way of making her presence known.

  5. This song is way too beautiful to keep to myself…I share the link with a dear friend today….THANKS for this post, Gab!

  6. I love this song too. I have met Derek Loux and found that he greatly desires to live out the words of the song in his life.


  7. Hi, Ed! I just happened to be online and saw your comment pop up (sometimes I am much tardier in responding, unfortunately). How wonderful that you have met Derek Loux. I found him completely by accident, but what a joyous find it was. I put this song on my iPod, and have listened to it over and over again. 🙂

  8. Hi!Peace of God!!!I am from Brazil…and my english is very bad…and i like somebody it wrote for me for email of letter of song SOVEREIGN GOD by Derek louxus..please God bless u

  9. I will see what I can do, Cristiano. I’ll send you it if I can find it. Unfortunately I do not have any of Derek’s CDs yet, but I’ll try.

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