What The Church Needs Now

Abbot Joseph, of Word Incarnate, has a beautiful and thoughtful post up, entitled: On the Mystical Life.  Abbot Joseph writes:

“Simply put, what the Church (and all humanity) needs most urgently and fundamentally is genuine mysticism. That is the lifeblood of souls and of the Church, the hidden “river of life” essential to spiritual vitality and the fulfillment of God’s dream for the perfection of his Bride.”

And what is genuine mysticism?  Well, off you go now, and read the whole post!   🙂


9 thoughts on “What The Church Needs Now

  1. Some people, upon hearing Jesus’ call to step out of the boat and come to Him across the water (to the deep, where He stands), have the most marvelous intentions of doing just that. However, the moment his sole (sic) hits the water, Mr. Bean gasps at how cold it is, sinks to his big eyeballs, and clings to the boat unable even to get back into it. That’s when the camera pans to Jesus, Who is sighing. (Again.) How long must He be with them, and they still don’t understand? Jesus waits for the other guy there, Fr. Abbot, to do what he always does– to step out, grab Mr. Bean’s collar, and say, “Come. We’ll go together. I happen to know that I’m taller than this part, but when the drop-off comes and my knees disappear underwater, we’ll swim out to Him. Together.”

    And Mr. Bean will be allowed to think he’s done something.

    Fr. Abbot is a joy. The sweetest and most hilarious Byzantine priest-abbot in the world, bar none.

  2. Gabrielle, I took your advice, knowing it to be sound, and read and read again Abbot Joseph’s words on the Mystical Life. As I’ve already said, this post is thought provoking, but then a link in the side bar on the Word Incarnate site caught my eye and I clicked on ‘ My priestly vocation.’ This is a joy to read, and I’m sure you and justme have already done so. It’s just so heartening to come across such candour and humility and witness and humour all in one day. Abbot Joseph certainly made mine, but as he has no comment box and I’m too shy to email him, I thought I would post a thank-you here instead.

  3. Thank you, Gabrielle, for the vote of confidence. And thank you, Ann and JustMe. It’s strangely comforting to know I’m both sweet and hilarious 🙂 Ann, no need to be shy…

  4. I find that many people get mysticism mixed up with the ‘Dr Phil feel good factor’…This has nothing to do with improving one’s self esteem, mysiticism is entirely different.

    I will add Abbot Joseph to my favourites. Thanks Gabrielle for the LINK I will read it more fully once dinner is cooked lol.

    Peace & blessings


  5. Abbot Joseph, you’re very welcome, and we thank you! I know that I cannot speak for others, but it has been a great sadness for me that there have been so few priests in my day-to-day, year-after-year life, who have even broached the subjects of contemplation and mysticism, let alone given any teaching on them. This always gives me pause for reflection, since it is, indeed, the “lifeblood of souls and of the Church.”

    Ann, I’m happy that you have made Abbot Joseph’s acquaintance now! He says it is strangely comforting to know that he is both sweet and hilarious – I myself find it not-strangely comforting to hear that you think I can give sound advice! 🙂 (would somebody tell my family?)

    JustMe, as always, your visuals are… 🙂 Poor Mr. Bean. But I’m hoping that his marvelous intentions count for something!

    Marie, you’re welcome for the link. I’ve ruined a few meals by becoming engrossed in someone’s beneficial post. Yes, best to leave Abbot Joseph until all the pots and pans are safely off the burners. 😉

  6. 😮


    They count for little, unless he dies trying.

    You ask if someone would please tell your fam of your wisdom, Gab, but you know that an advisor is without honor in his/her own home, right? That is, until later. Much later.

    At any rate, between such as Fr. Abbot (if you call him that, say it very slowly) and other suffering-clarified jems like JP II, our generation has received some of the most contemplative lights and helps ever.

  7. D’oh, not youuuuuuuu.

    Girl.. your allusion to the song, “What the world needs now” has found purchase in me. I’ll be singing that on my way to work. Well, til I get there, anyhow.


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