Feastday of St. Hildegard of Bingen

St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179):

Hildegard of Bingen was a mystic extraordinaire.  She was gifted in so many different areas:  music, art, natural history and medicine, poetry, the political/religious arena, scholarship, mysticism and prophecy.

Some of St. Hildegard’s writings include:

  • Scivias
  • Book of Life’s Merits
  • Book of the Divine Works

    St. Hildegard said:  “The body is truly the garment of the soul, which has a living voice; for that reason it is fitting that the body, simultaneously with the soul, repeatedly sings praises to God through the voice.” 

    Refresh your spirit with one of Hildegard’s compositions, Spiritui Sancto (it will probably take a few minutes to load), or go directly to the website of the Oxford Girls Choir



3 thoughts on “Feastday of St. Hildegard of Bingen

  1. Absolutely beautiful. This might be similar to what prayer sounds like to Him.. or perhaps, what resounds in our ears as we exit here and travel unto Him, as a kind of whistling past the graveyard of hell, or like a white noise so that at long last, we do not hear whatever we shouldn’t. While listening, daughter in the next room coughed really loud.. I had made it past the tv’s din, but the cough coming when it did made me cry. I will listen again tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you, G.

  2. ROFL!! Well, darned near ecstasy, perhaps.. And it’s no darned wonder He Himself went off to mountains to pray. Whew. Noise. It’s almost like a wound. No, it IS a wound. It’s a constant thing in this part of the world.. it rips the ears away from Him and Heaven, even in conversations with others, but most especially when one is laboring to give Him something.. If I were about to doom myself to hell, I’ll tell ya what would make a difference.. either/both that picture of crowded naked bodies over at Abbey-Roads that Terry put up of hell, AND/OR an intimation that noise never never never ceases in hell — oh yes, that would be enough to cure my brisket. [Well, a little hyperbole there, but you know.] So many folks have said, “Oh, but you’d hate a silent week-long retreat, no?” heh heh

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