Our Lady of Sorrows

  An excerpt from Handmaid of the Lord (Adrienne von Speyr):

“Because the Son suffers for everyone and because Mary’s co-suffering — the physical as well as the spiritual — is a part of the Son’s suffering, her suffering is accomplished for everyone and is usable by everyone…

Into the space between her and the Son she admits everyone for whom he will suffer, everyone for whom she already now receives the sword of the Son.  And because everyone is admitted here, everyone comes through the Mother to the Lord.

The meaning of the piercing of the Mother is this:  ‘that the thoughts of many hearts should be revealed’.  If the Mother did not suffer, then these thoughts would never be released from themselves.  The Lord would be too strange; people would not understand his suffering.  But, suffering as a simple human and yet raised up to the state of grace and in it participating in the Son’s sufferings, the Mother is understandable for everyone.  And everything that lives in hearts as an unclear longing for God can, at the sight of the Mother’s suffering, take on form and become conscious and evident to the heart itself.  Thus, through her suffering, she mediates hidden hearts to the Son; she opens them, because her own heart had been opened by the sword.”


15 thoughts on “Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. What a beautiful reflection..None of us can truly know or understand the Sorrow felt by Our Lady and to be honest..would any of us want too?

    I love our Lady…..

    Peace to you always Gabrielle:)


  2. This is beautiful, Gabrielle, all of it. The fact that Our Lady of Sorrows mediates on our behalf is consoling and encouraging too. She has such concern for us and wants only to bring us to her beloved Son.

  3. You always find such meaningful and inspiring words and music, Gabrielle. You are a gift and I thank the Lord that He’s brought our paths to cross. God bless you!

  4. Hi all, and thank you for your comments; they touch my heart, as always. I love learning more and more about the Blessed Virgin now, particularly from the mystics, and hope you all will not be bored to tears if I do a good part of my exploration in posts. It helps me to keep my focus.

  5. I love how you have found the presence of God in such a place as YouTube. Goes to show you that the Lord is present even among the frivolous and self-involved.

  6. As you know, the more I struggle to see Mary as Mother, the more I can’t, and the more I feel I am not doing her justice. Does she care, tho’? Heck, no. She just says again and again, “Come. See. Do whatever He tells you.” I kept re-reading the text, because there was something calling out, there.

    It was this: Into the space between her and the Son..

    Like a little dying thing coming upon Two’s sleeping bag on a cold night out under the stars, into the middle of which one is invited for warmth, protection, and joy.. there IS a space between Mary and the Son into which all whom He would die for, may snuggle into. Well, some of us snuggle right in, and some of us sit bolt upright, half-waiting for the bouncer to come along and toss us out– but not wanting to leave this space where all is well. Where the suffering on our behalf has made all more than well. It’s not only our place of saving, it is the one spot in which we truly live most fully, are loved most, welcomed most; it is HOME. That’s why the bouncer never comes! All we have to do is come to that space and say, “Thank you. Yes, I will come in.”

  7. AutumnRose, well that is very mysterious! I must go over and see what it’s all about! Thanks for dropping in. 🙂

    JustMe, the space will always be there, and there’s room in it for every soul. No need to struggle to squeeze in. I’m going to be posting something on the two paths of “Jesus through Mary” and “Mary through Jesus” shortly, which may bring some encouragement to those of us who came, or are coming, to Mary in later years.

    Hi Aeternus, and thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the passage from von Speyr; I will be sharing quite a bit more of her thoughts/visions/revelations here.

  8. Yes, I thought so too. von Speyr’s writing, in terms of a mystical understanding of Mary’s relationship with Joseph versus Mary’s relationship with the beloved John, is unlike anything I have ever heard, and she brings it all together in such a way as to show us what it means for the Church, for ourselves, salvation history, the Redemption…breathtaking.

  9. Yes. I posted this one month after my consecration to Mary. I can see from my own comments and from what I was drawn to that I was attempting to come out of the closet online. It seems like an eternity ago.

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