Annual Merton Poetry Contest

This is just a little reminder to my bloggy poet friends.  Now don’t make me list you all!

It’s time to head over to The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living and print yourselves off a copy of the contest guidelines for the Merton Prize for Poetry of the Sacred. 

I’m serious.  Go.  Go.  🙂

Go now.


12 thoughts on “Annual Merton Poetry Contest

  1. *ahem.. hello? tappety-tap, hey.. anyone home? I say, I hope this means you have done so, too. You’ve never shared your poetry with us, you’ve not even hinted at its existence, but I think there IS some. You go, too.

  2. Have you submitted an entry? This time? Or in the past? Tell me more! 🙂 (And, thanx for sharing… always).


  3. Gabrielle, I had a look at the site. I’m pleased to see that past winners’ poems are published there as well as the runners up, which is good for those who just want to browse but also for those who might wish to enter the competition.
    The standard is high and the winners mostly women.
    All this time, Gabrielle, and I never knew you wrote poetry!

  4. Hi, everybody. Sorry, I’m having a pretty busy week catching up at work, etc.

    Actually, I haven’t written poetry since university days – but maybe I’ll submit something, you never know. I just wanted to make sure you all knew about it. I go over to the homepage of that site now and then just to see if they have any new soundbytes of Merton up; I’ve heard two so far. But yes, Ann, I spent some time the other night reading some of the past winners and runners-up, and was impressed by the diversity and talent.

    Everybody – go look a little ways down in my sidebar to Ukok’s button re her new Christian ecard site using her own photography – it’s fabulous, and works like a charm.

  5. Speaking of poetry, a phrase kept playing in my head today, “I know why the caged bird sings.” Of course Maya Angelou made a poem/book/film of her life based on the line, but it’s actually from Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s “Sympathy.” That poem is heartbreaking, but many aren’t. His works are here

  6. Yes, I like that poem, Carol. I remember you introducing me to Dunbar’s work sometime last year, I think it was.

    That’s a great site, too; if I had spare time, I would do some volunteer proofreading for them.

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