Nada te turbe

We’ll be heading out in a couple of days for our summer vacation (we left it a tad late, didn’t we) 🙂 and then it will be right back into the school year and those glorious autumn days. So this post will wind things up at the Haven until sometime in early September. Your intentions will be travelling with me, and I’d like to leave you with a heartfelt wish, that you will “let nothing disturb you”. Ah, easier said than done, you say. Absolutely. But let’s all give it our best, with His grace.

The direct link to YouTube is: HERE for a beautiful interpretation of St. Teresa of Avila’s, “Nada te turbe”.

Let nothing disturb you;
Let nothing frighten you;
All things pass away;
God never changes.
Patience attains all
that it strives for;
He who has God
Finds he lacks nothing.
God alone suffices.

(St. Teresa of Avila)


22 thoughts on “Nada te turbe

  1. I read this poem last night for the very first time – it was in a second hand book I had purchased on my holidays – it’s uncanny that you posted it here today!

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Gab, I see that you are finding the contemplative Youtubes.. are we spelled, then, from having to make our own? 🙂

    Have a wondrous vacation. And truly, may it be a vacation even for the mom.. who is so sweet.

  3. You will be missed, Gabrielle – I can just imagine the haven with a ‘Gabrielle is on vacation ‘ sign on the door. I hope you have a great time, and thanks for another inspirational choice. School beckons for us here too in a few week’s time- my youngest son will be be entering into his last year and as for me, I will be happily working among the angels, the Primary 1’s.

  4. Thanks, all. Not leaving until Saturday afternoon. I’m going to have to learn to take my own advice though, about “let nothing disturb you”. I’m flustered just with a few suitcases. 😉

    JustMe, they are few and far between, and very little teaching. Spelled off? Heck, no.

  5. Dang.. Will we call them WeTubes? Will I (thus) have to open a ‘blog titled, “Contemplative Havoc”?

    Actually, I went and got a scanner and have hardly had a chance to play with it here.. that’s because everyone’s birthday is today, and everyone is leaving home today..

    Vacation? Isn’t that when one walks a dog? A cat? A ferret? A parakeet? One keet?

    Enjoy 🙂 We’ll try to behave.

  6. Hi, mc! Thank you!

    C.O., Contemplative Havoc. I love it. Actually, I live it. So, what are you going to scan? Hope it won’t scare us. 🙂

  7. Ann, you and me both! Carol – wonderful. All choked up! But of course you have to open your new blog just before I leave? You’re just awful!!! But it’s beautiful!!! Have to wait until I get back to read it and comment. I’m on my way out the door practically!

    Bye everybody! Stay safe and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

  8. Good gravy, it’s just a YouTube page, and I’m still trying to burn off the guitar I like.. but thank you, Ann and Gab. I hope to use it for some good.

    Have a marvelous couple of weeks, Gab. Wow, can we believe it’ll be Sept. by then?? Whew!

  9. You may be out there by now, wandering amidst the glorious Canadian Rockies….and thoughts of you are here, in my heart. I hope and pray that your vacation is wonderful, restful, memorable, meaningful, fun, safe and serendipitous!! 🙂 Breathe in that sweet Mountain Air, my friend!

    (What a wonderful world)

    Grace & Peace,

  10. I just got around to listening to the music. Mina is one of Italy’s most famous singers. I’d never heard her sing in spanish, or sing a religious song, for that matter. Thanks for this surprise!

  11. Hey, out there….(echoes coming back from the valleys and canyons….) hello???? Is anybody there???? Are we having fun yet??? 🙂

    Just wanted you to know that I was (we are) thinking of you, and keeping you and your family in my (our) prayers…


  12. Hi Kristin — Ha, you had the same thought? That maybe we could WILL her back? lol I hope everyone here is alright.

    [Oy, come back already, Gabe. I’ve got no one with whom to trip over the pattern in linoleums! Well, I know that’s something you’re trying to give up anyway, but I do wish you’d hurry back. I sort of wish that. If you’re having a marvelous time, tho’, then I don’t wish you to hurry back. But come back before I die of linoleum lull.]


  13. Hi everybody! Thanks so much for all your well-wishes; it’s good to be back. Glorious, glorious scenery – hope to post some photos our 15-year-old took with his new digital camera as soon as he gets them organized. Might be a while, with back-to-school and everything else. Really missed all of you, and would like to just spend some time visiting your sites and catching up during the evenings this upcoming week. I’m back to work tomorrow!

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