Solemnity of the Assumption

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Ave Maria (Benedictine sisters chant)

Excerpt from: “Handmaid of the Lord”,  by Adrienne von Speyr

Thus, through the Assumption, the distance and difference between heaven and earth are as if bridged over and obliterated for the Mother.  For she who is now received by the Son into heaven is none other than she who received him on earth from heaven; and as her way expanded more and more, starting with the Son’s conception and going all the way to her present reception into heaven by the Son, so this reception also expands to its highpoint in the Son’s conception by her.  The two high points intensify one another and neither direction can be designated as the definitive one:  from earth to heaven or from heaven to earth.  It is an eternal circuit between God and man, heaven and earth, spiritual world and material world:  a circulation also between Mother and Son.  For, as the Mother had once said Yes to the Son and everything having to do with him, so today the Son speaks his great assent to the Mother.  This assent is divine and immeasurable and gives the Mother’s assent its whole heavenly limitlessness.  As long as the Mother was in the world, she was as limited as any human being, and she had to bear those limits in mind even when she tried to work in the Son’s cause.  From the moment of the Assumption on, she receives the power to be able to do what the Son wills, without limits.  She knows no more boundaries except those that we on earth set against her work.  Only our No can hold back her eternal Yes.

Artwork:  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (c. 1640)
Bartolome Murillo


6 thoughts on “Solemnity of the Assumption

  1. Lovely, Gabrielle, as always. Now that I have read something of Adrienne Von Speyr, I look forward to reading more. And the painting is exquisite. Who could know the story and not love Our Lady?

  2. It is really only this year that I have begun reading any Marian works, Ann, but I realize now that I have missed a great deal. I’m approaching my Marian reading through the contemplatives and the mystics as much as possible, and they are opening my eyes and heart to Mary in ways that I had never dreamed of. There is much I would like to share here later.

  3. Mary mother of God am so happy that I know you, your role in my life is all that has ever happen to me. my wish is to honore you till i die. may God help me.

  4. Hello, Amos. You are on a wondrous path with our Mother Mary. She is with you in all your hardships and joys. May you share a beautiful feastday with her tomorrow, on her Assumption Day. If you go to the right sidebar here (at the bottom) and click on “Consecrated to Mary”, you’ll find my other blog all about the Blessed Virgin; you may find some things there that will help you on your journey. God bless.

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