Update on Sr. Magnificat Macé Documentary

I am so surprised and pleased!  Albert, of twelve star productions, is the director of the documentary I told you about here, and he has left a comment on my post, giving us more information about the documentary on the Icons of Sr. Magnificat Macé.  Here is what Albert wrote: 

“My name is Albert. I am the director for the Sister Documentary. I just happened to randomly find that you had linked to the trailer. I was pleasantly surprised. I am sorry it is late, but I did just finish the docu. the other week. We will be looking to put it on EWTN and have the DVD available for purchase. Keep an eye on the website for info. Thanks for helping support our efforts. There are more projects coming!”

Albert, thank you so much for letting us know.  We’re really looking forward to it, and please feel free to email me with news or updates at any time (you can get my email address from my “About” page). 

Anyone who wants to find out more about this and other possible upcoming projects, you can also go to the website of Corpus Christi Watershed


5 thoughts on “Update on Sr. Magnificat Macé Documentary

  1. Well, Gabrielle, I can’t say I’m surprised…you know what they say about the good that you do coming back to you again…I’m just so pleased for you that Albert remembered.

  2. Ann, actually, I was going to send an email to find out more about the release date, but Albert found my post accidently before I had time to make any inquiries! I’m happy it will be available in DVD.

  3. I read her expanded interview somewhere within one of the clicks in one of the links. She is certainly a free spirit.

  4. Oh yes! Sleeping outside when she feels like it (and never more than three hours a night), singing under the stars in the middle of the night, painting cavedrawings in Mexico – can you imagine how freeing it would be to spend a year or two with Sr. Magnificat as one’s mentor and spiritual director? And yet, a life filled with prayer, fasting and most likely, hidden suffering. Everything, as she says of her icons, to please God and Mary first.

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