Little Me

Quelque chose pour un ami qui n’a pas dix minutes.  En tout cas…

A sound clip from Eckhart Tolle’s, “Through the Open Door to the Vastness of Your True Being.”

This, and my prayers.


12 thoughts on “Little Me

  1. He is riveting, and yet, I cannot spend 10 whole minutes here, I think. Yes, by the third minute of wonderfulness, I am thinking of all the other people I have to write with son’s address, a project waiting for me upstairs which could’ve been tackled days ago, and I have but 1.5 hrs. left before the cab comes to take me to work, and I’m not ready for that, either. So, now, I think it wise to set this aside as quickly as I set aside the Rosary sometimes, for my non-planning…

    Yes, well, I’ve just grabbed little me by the shirt collar and I am going to listen for the other 7 minutes RIGHT NOW.

    🙂 Thank you.

  2. This is, perhaps, the most difficult practice of them all. We must be forgiving with ourselves, until it really clicks, and then be vigilant, I think. I want it to become who I am, the way I exist, and perhaps this is what people mean by a shift in consciousness – but until then, it takes hard work, and continual attention.

  3. Gab,
    I appreciate your posting this snippet of this talk which has whetted my appetite. Living in the NOW! Being satisfied with what God is doing with my life NOW! Surrendering that little ‘me’ to God’s will and not my own plans and the fulfillments thereof.
    I greatly appreciate the downloading of this by opening the ‘real’ player file in a matter of minutes…I was surprised…here I sat at my computer with knitting in hand to do a few rows while I waited for the audio to load and …VOILA’…it was downloaded and opened in a matter of seconds. Thanks for that. I don’t know why I have such a hard time with YouTube stuff. Abyway..I am going shopping for this CD and another of this author’s books. Thanks,sis, for the inspiration today!
    (ps…Sabeth journeying to Canada by way of Fr Congdon piano soloist! Enjoy)

  4. Gabrielle, It’s a funny old world…or new world in this case. My problem is the opposite of teresaanawin…no problem with YouTube but unable to open the other stuff.
    So please excuse my lack of response on these clips. And it’s not that I haven’t tried…options come up, open with this, open with that, but when I try nothing happens!

  5. Thank you gabrielle for letting us hear some great music done in French, it brought back memories of when we would gather to hear Pepere and others playing the violin and singing chansons in the beautiful language of Canadian French. It’s heartwarming when they are sung with meaning and give life to music.

  6. teresa, glad you could hear it! I’ve been meaning to check the library for a couple of his books as well. I’m really sorry that you have such difficulty with the YouTubes, because I have a few more coming up; but I’ll give you the direct links too, if that makes it any easier. Thank you so much for the Sabeth music – I’ll be on the lookout!

    Ann, I really wish you could hear it, but I know it doesn’t always work for everybody. I’ll be putting up a couple of YouTubes, not of this exact message, but others somewhat similar. They will give you the essence of the message, though.

    Hi, MC. I’m so happy you could come and visit. I wonder if by chance the link sent you somewhere else, or if you were looking at a different post? This one is a little talk by Eckhart Tolle. But your mention of French Canadian music has my fingers tapping – it might be time for a little French Cdn. fiddling here soon!

  7. Sorry gabrielle, the little me inside of me wanted to get that other message out because for the life of me it was bouncing around in my thoughts when I came and read the French message and then heard the soft spoken English man speaking of little me and throughout the time I kept envisioning fiddles and chansons of grandpere. Now the life of little me came out full force in my response to what I was seeing in thought. I hope this made for a good laugh because God has a great sense of humor when our thoughts have gone astray.

  8. Great, teresa!

    MC, I had a feeling it was something like that, because I know how often you receive music out of the blue, and how you always try to reflect on why – what the significance of it is at that particular time, etc. We are mysterious creatures, that’s for sure.

  9. lol that’s why I think I’m an oddball at times. It’s weird how I saw my pepere playing what you nicely reminded me was a fiddle and not a violin, I do thank you for that. I still don’t know why I kept thinking I saw a video, when it was a recording, I saw this post the other day but waited to respond. That will teach me a lesson in prolonging responding and goofing up my response, that’s how come I take a while to respond at times, I would do it so fast that I never stopped to reflect. Now that I do, (cough) and sometimes don’t, but it doesn’t matter because I tend to put my foot in my mouth anyway and say some of the stupidest stuff. Believe me it happens in person, the bane of my existence, and I’m sitting here laughing at my own self. Now that I have shown my true self and my sillyness is it okay to still be me in spite of it.

  10. MC, you’ve got me giggling, and yes, your true self is perfectly fine in this combox, where we are all quite silly on a regular basis! Now, here’s one for you (performed only 30 minutes from my house). Hope you like it!

    Click On This

  11. awww, the fiddle, and you have it not far from you, the delight of music. Thank you gabrielle for the foot stomping delight. You are a treasure!

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