Co-Creators In Our Midst

In, “Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  The Icon, Favors and Shrines”, the Redemptorist Fathers write:

“An icon is much more than a simple representation of events or persons of the past.  An icon makes present that which it remembers.  It is a meeting point between the mystery of God and the reality of Man.” 

But what of the icon-writers, those co-creators who are inspired by God to bring to fruition this “meeting point between the mystery of God and the reality of Man”?  The Redemptorists tell us that an icon is the “fruit of prayer”, that the artists compose their icons “in an atmosphere of penance and prayer”, and while doing so, “they would think of those who one day would pray before the icon…” 

In our own little online world, I am aware of three iconographers:  dear Laura, who so recently went home to be with the Lord; Terry Nelson, of Abbey-Roads2, and Renée, of Crazyacres

Also, I have just recently come upon a sweet French contemplative nun by the name of Sister Magnificat Macé, and have the most wonderful things to share with you, one of which is a Youtube trailer for an upcoming documentary about her iconography (release date was to be Spring 2007, but I do not know if it is actually finished yet or not).

We also have an interview with Sr. Magnificat on the website of Corpus Christi Watershed, and last but not least, the website of Catholic Solitudes, the hermitage in Hebbronville, Texas where Sr. Magnificat lives and works.

The Icons of Sr. Magnificat


13 thoughts on “Co-Creators In Our Midst

  1. I watched the trailer, Gabrielle, and I’m sure the documentary will be a great success when it is released. Sr. Magnificat’s deeply held faith is so vividly magnified in the icons, it is just like listening in on a private and very prayerful conversation between the iconographer and those represented so beautifully and thoughtfully in each icon. And then for us the listeners it’s a case of taking something of the icon’s message away with us in our hearts to ponder, just as Mary did often in her life.

  2. Where Oh where do you get such interesting sites?
    I must say, that I did wait 15 minutes for the 2 minute youtube video to load…where there’s a will there’s a way, as the old saying goes.
    It whet my apapetite to see the film.

    As for the hermitage site…what a great place. But…the little hermitage pictured looked like it would collapse, bamboo roof, poles and all after one of my sneezes!
    Thanks so much for posting these 2 interesting sites on your blog today, Gabrielle!
    Sr. Magnificat has such a peaceful, joyful smile, doesn’t she?!

  3. Ann, I really hope they do complete the documentary. I’m not holding out too much hope of being able to actually see it though; I have no idea what t.v. station it would appear on, or whether or not it would be available to see over the Internet. I guess I could email them, though, at the Corpus Christi Watershed site, and ask them a few questions. Maybe I’ll do just that! I was struck by Sr. Magnificat’s confirmation of what the Redemptorists were saying, that the writing of the icon always begins with prayer.

    teresa, I had pretty much the same thought when I saw the little hermitage set apart for prayer. None too stable-looking, that’s for sure! But it reminded me of the little “poustinias” at Combermere, at Catherine Doherty’s apostolate, Madonna House, here in Ontario.

  4. I hope to view these videos and her icons soon, perhaps at 2 am, should any women around here actually go to bed when some should, rather than let their mom engage them in deep conversations amid chirping crickets and Bailey’s Mint Chocolate splashed ever so unsparingly into red plastic party cups. But so far, I am enjoying gazing at her face. That alone seems enough, for now..but have I read correctly? Those pink-cheeks and laughing eyes are not Irish?

  5. Elle est française!

    yes, teresa, Hymn of Joy – doesn’t that just remind you of Elizabeth of the Trinity…

    How come when I’m up at 2:00 a.m., it’s hardly ever because I’m drinking Bailey’s and having wonderful conversations? Enjoy it while you have them there!

  6. Hi, Kristen. Lovely to see you here. I have to pop over soon too; visits to everyone have been way too scarce of late. I’m happy you have “met” Sr. Magnificat.

    Yes, C.O., what a marvelous name to acquire, and fulfil!

  7. My name is Albert. I am the director for the Sister Documentary. I just happened to randomly find that you had linked to the trailer. I was pleasantly surprised. I am sorry it is late, but I did just finish the docu. the other week. We will be looking to put it on EWTN and have the DVD available for purchase. Keep an eye on the website for info. Thanks for helping support our efforts. There are more projects coming!

  8. Albert, what a pleasant surprise to find you here! This is wonderful news, and I will do a little post about it right away, to let my readers know. Thanks so much for dropping in to keep us up-to-date; very kind of you.

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