Merton's Icon

If you are a lover of all things Merton, but are not familiar with Beth’s blog, louie, louie, I encourage you to scoot over and spend a week (or two or three) reading her archives.

But first, sit back and enjoy one of Beth’s recent posts, in which she explains how it came to be that Merton acquired a beautiful icon of the Virgin and Child, and the powerful effect it had on him.

On my “Inter-Religious Dialogue Page”, I have linked to another recent post of Beth’s, in which she gives us a quote from Merton that captures both the core of my own beliefs on the subject of inter-religious dialogue as well as the reasons why I created the “Page” in the first place.  As time permits, I will continue to add to this Page (primarily in video format).


2 thoughts on “Merton's Icon

  1. Merton’s quote is indeed wondrous– and true. The Church is indeed asked to invite to the Banquet, not to browbeat! Then is when the Body lives in most accord with Its own Head. Somehow, the men who dropped their stones (perhaps some with a great sigh) that day when they had sinful nature right before them just begging to be legally stoned, understood that Christ’s own deepest prayer for unity (as well as for mercy!) weighed far more than theirs. And every time a monk dies in the middle of saying how true is His prayer, God sends us another, sometimes via the Byzantines, where men live Him (and suffer) from between a rock and a hard place.

    I hope to be able to visit Beth’s soon, too, but am swamped with reinventings; it is dust (along with old eyes) that just found me trying to hang a crucifix on what wasn’t an old pounded in nail, but a spider’s rolled up ant. There is some heavy message in that, too, I fear. Perhaps it is an echo of, “Open wide the doors!”

    Peace, and love abundant

  2. I’m sure you will really enjoy Beth’s site when things quiet down a bit and you have some time to go take a look. Really, it’s an amazing blog.

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