Coffee Break 1


Sound familiar?


21 thoughts on “Coffee Break 1

  1. Not familiar to me, but I loved it. (Ha, and Ann asked me where I find gems??) 🙂 Oh, G…
    Yes, Merton. And Jesuits and Solzhenitsyn and Chaim Potok and Pearl Buck and Christ Among Us (*gasp!!).. Don’t know where I’d be without any of them. I’d not have glimpsed the real self, the real Christ, the real us so soon.

  2. Lovely. I saved it as a shortcut on my desktop.

    (And sorry — that Anon. was me — for some reason the comment section yesterday only showed “name” and “website” –until it posted! Hence, the “C.O.” landed in the “website” block. There are Anons. even goofier than me, so I will identify myself. God forbid anyone should confuse me with a goofy one..)

  3. Sue Monk Kidd’s description of her response to Thomas Merton’s
    Seven Storey Mountain has helped me to decide on a third choice of book for my now expanding little library of literary gems….contemplative literary gems.

  4. Thanks, C.O. I remember when I read The Story of a Soul, my one regret was I hadn’t done so earlier. I’m sure it will be exactly the same with Thomas Merton’s books.

  5. c.o., why do you say “gasp” after Christ Among Us? I haven’t read it (actually, she said, head hanging down, I’ve never even heard of it). Why is it gaspable?

    And thank you all for dropping in for coffee. We’ll have to do this more often. I may even spring for a bag of 2-bite brownies. (I mean, you don’t expect home-baked, do yououououououo?)

  6. Don’t you hate it when you respond to comments, and then in the sidebar it looks like you’ve been talking to yourself all night?

    c.o., I forgot to say – thank you for that link to the CatholicTube channel.  I went over to take a look, and he’s done a marvelous job in extracting Catholic video from the YouTube site and categorizing it for us, for easy access.  What a great idea, and a lot of hard work.  But did you notice, he couldn’t (or didn’t) find anything for a Contemplative Channel.  C’mon everybody – let’s get at it this summer!

  7. Yes, C.O. Therese wrote the book.
    The various extracts oe excerpts I’ve come across from the contemplatives, although all different, resound or resonate with within my soul – and I reognise in their writing the beautiful, untainted Truth.

    Gabrielle, looks CatholicTube is awaiting your call…I remember you talked about it before….and now it’s time for action??

  8. Gabrielle, whenever I call in here, there is always something to read that helps me understand why I’m drawn here.
    Just called in to keep in touch but it seems I always take something special back with me. Thank you.

  9. G, you haven’t read C.A.U. because it has been declared Catholicly illegal. *gasp*
    And believe it or not, I haven’t looked through the “Catholic Tube” site whatsoever yet, lol — I only passed it along after a cursory ok with my light saber. [It has been a working/Shane-ing time of busyness. He will be 3 in 3 weeks. Seems like only (about 36) months ago that he was just a totally unexpected sonogram in our daughter’s purse. *GASP*]

    All summer is birthday season here (it’s chilly in N.E.’s Fall..)

    Oh my.. I haven’t even looked into bodhran lessons, yet.

    Driftwood, it’s good to see you!

    Pia – have you read the story of Anna Maria Taigi?

    Ah, I read that, Ann. Have you read “The Passion of Therese”?

  10. Driftwood, always so good to hear from you, and thank you for those encouraging words. Think about you lots.

    C.O., “Catholicly illegal?” So I will need my sleuth outfit to track it down? Out ‘a my way, girl, there’s a mystic in a yellow raincoat coming thru. And Shane? Three already? What an adorable age.

  11. Oh my, may I send it to you? I keep it just to be a rebel, and because it was such a dear friend to me.. I really don’t read it anymore. Shoot, I really don’t read ANYTHING anymore, and that is going to change!

    Yes, three. He has a cousin who will be in the double-digits in Nov. and nearly as tall as her N.E. grandma, whom I will see in less than a month from now! He also has a step-cousin who just turned 15. *GASP* All I have to do over the phone to get him to roar with laughter is to say, “Shaneeeeee…” All I have to do to get him to smile really big here is to say, “spss-spss” close to his ear (or even from across the room); he knows it is code for “You! I loves you to pieces!”

    Speaking of reading, a very good book is Ronan Tynan’s “Halfway Home.” Honestly, if you find it anywhere, get it and roar. One can put it down in between chapters…

    ..if one has any self-discipline. 😐

    I love auto/biographies.. would some of you suggest some, please? Thank you.

  12. Gabrielle:

    Sorry for the length of time in responding to your post….BUT, so as not to forget – I wanted to be sure you knew just how much I have enjoyed browsing thru the various “mini-videos” at the website! And also sharing them with friends and family. How wonderful. How pertinent. They have “energized” my spirit, and strengthened the faith and hope for today – and tomorrow. Amidst such tragic events that are on today’s news broadcasts (terrorists still planting seeds of hate & destruction), we find these wonderful little reminders of the importance of inviting God to make a real difference….in our lives…at this very moment. Thankyou for sharing this website with me (us). It has been so worthwhile. Thank you for reaching out – and in – and sharing God’s love in this way.

  13. G, it always seem like days and days in between your posts.. *sigh.. (do you feel guilty enough to post again yet? No? Lemme try this: SIGH… *sniff.. {{{tiny little sob escapes}}}.. Now?)

  14. Yes, I feel guilty, but more than that, I just miss everybody, even if only after a few days. It’s because I’ve been working during the day and painting the house at night. I’ve got to leave for work now, but I’ll be able to post something tonight, and come back here and read the last couple of comments better. Hi Kristin! Will also catch up on the last few emails I received that I couldn’t respond to yet. Hey all my American friends – Happy 4th of July to everyone!

  15. C.O., thanks for offering to send it to me. Let me check around first, because I fear something so special to you being lost in transit (Murphy’s law…) I have not heard of Ronan Tynan, nor his book. (I lead a sheltered life?)

    Kristin, glad you liked that site too. Such a variety there. And if you go to Faithstreams, on the left-hand sidebar you can register to get a username and then have free access to their whole video library, which is fantastic. If you have trouble finding what I’m talking about, let me know, and I’ll put up a post so everyone can see. I should have done that anyway before now.

    C.O. stop sobbing. I prefer snorting. You know that.

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